Hello, My Name Is Mom: Meet Multitasking Mama

We all have a unique background and personality. Everyone has a different story, journey and title but we all have one thing in common—someone special calls us Mom. This series celebrates all moms, no matter how we got the title. Today’s featured mom is Melissa from Multitasking Mama, the newest contributor to Inexpensively.

If you had to write a bio without including your kids or any form of the word Mom, what would it say? I am a daughter of God, wife to Mike and I am also a sister, daughter, aunt and friend. I am passionate about living the life God has designed for me and helping others discover His path for them. I like coffee, mangoes, HGTV and cuddling with my puppy. I love Jesus, my family (biological and of choice), writing, reading and spending time with people (on-line and in “real” life). I am a multi-tasking gal (aka recovering Type A perfectionist). (really not that different from a bio with my kids, surprisingly)

How did you get the name Mom? My first time being called Mom was before my son was born. My boyfriend (would become husband) had a three year old son that called me “mom” when he visited. That may have been a prediction of things to come as he came to live with us when he was six and I adopted him as my own.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? There is never a dull moment. I learn so much from watching how my kids process the world and love (most of the time) interacting with them.

What is your biggest motherhood challenge? OMGoodness, I was not warned about the tween/teen years! Parenting adolescents is a major challenge. In addition to that, my oldest (the stepson I adopted) has special needs. I think that dealing with the educational system and keeping him on track has been my biggest parenting challenge.

If you could say one thing to every new mother, what would it be? Say no to mommy guilt. You have to take care of yourself to take care of your children effectively.

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  1. Jen says:

    I am glad to know more about you, Melissa! I couldnt agree more about losing the mommy guilt, but it is SO HARD. You should post about how to lose it, since you brought it up! ;D

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