Finding Your Inner Sex Kitten: Bringing Out Your Hot Momma

The diapers. The lunch-packing. The laundry, laundry and more laundry. It all adds up and chips away at your hot mama-ness until one day you wake up and notice your sexy bad self isn’t so sexy anymore.

What to do?

First, don’t freak out. Surprisingly, it’s easy enough to regroup, reprioritize and get your sexy back. With just a few tweaks to your daily routine, you’ll be finding your inner sex kitten in no time. And, once it happens, what you do with your new found confidence and sex appeal is totally up to you, wink-wink.

  1. Fake it ‘til you make it – This is a cliché as old as the hills, but it really does work. Putting on a game face and telling yourself over and over how desirable and worthy you are will retrain your brain into thinking positive and self-affirming thoughts. Once you’re feeling the love, you’ll start to outwardly show it. Standing taller, selecting cute shoes instead of tennies to go shopping and (gasp!) even putting on makeup before dropping the kids off at school are all possible side effects of the Fake It theory. Soon, your confidence will soar and your relationships—from minute to major—will surely improve.
  2. Eat well, sleep well (okay, sleep a little) and play well – Seriously, if you are not taking care of yourself and are constantly put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own, your inner sex kitten is sure to get squashed in the shuffle. Take a moment each day to eat something you would force your kids to eat (you know, like something healthy) and grab a nap when you can—even if it’s only 5 minutes. Fire up your iPod, and play some tunes that make you feel sexy. Feeling good physically = feeling good mentally.
  3. Tune in to your sexy side – This is not the time to be embarrassed about getting in touch with what makes you (and your partner) tick. Sure, things are more complicated now, but having children does not give you an all-access pass to laziness in the bedroom. If you need some ideas on to re-ignite the flame, there are plenty of fabulous sex tips online. But be sure you’ve healed from childbirth first and that you’re both ready for action before you get back in the groove. And since there is no bigger mood killer than sex snafus, also be sure you’re perfectly clear about your sexual health before you get back in the saddle.
  4. Play dress up— Which one of your outfits makes you feel the best? Wear it around your hubby. Which perfume makes him fall to his knees? Spray it on daily, not just on special occasions. Which lipstick makes your pout irresistible? Buy two tubes, and keep them handy at all times. Making a conscious choice to impress your man can give you those first-date butterflies all over again. And nothing’s more sexy than watching a guy swoon over you. It’ll make any extra effort totally worthwhile.

With just these few simple ideas, you can exchange Ho-Hum for Va-Va-Voom in no time. Of course, practice makes perfect, so don’t be shy. Start today and watch your inner sex kitten claw her way out. Me-ow!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I LOVE this advice. It says exactly what I have been saying for a VERY long time and it is sooo true. Another good tip: Even if you don’t feel like you are “in the mood.” Do it anyway. I can almost guarantee that once you get started, you will quickly find yourself “inthe mood.” Plus, sex can make you feel better. It has actually been proven to get rid of those headaches so many of us use as an excuse. Those endorphines can make your whole body feel better.

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