The Grocery Store Game: Shopping With Kids

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Going to the grocery store is necessary, but not necessarily fun. It is especially unfun for children. They definitely want the benefit of the trip; the logistics of the whole thing, however, are another thing entirely. As a single mom, and therefore the primary grocery shopper, I have found myself with an unhappy child in the grocery store on more than one occasion.  As such, I have developed a few tips to make it easier on both of us.

First, I go in with a plan. I always have a list. I generally have my coupons ready.  And, I mostly know where everything is.

Second, I feed the princess before we go, ALWAYS.  A little snack will help prevent her from asking for everything she has seen in a commercial in the last week.

And, third, I make it a game. We play supermarket scavenger hunt. I let her control the list.  We still stick to the items that I have preselected, but I let her guide us to them. We time ourselves each week to see if we get any faster (although we never do). I let her get the items off of the shelf, and, now that she’s a little older, she gets to push the cart.

It is all about keeping the children as engaged as possible in the process. It makes her feel very grown up to shop with me and share some of the responsibility.  And, it is much more enjoyable for me to shop without listening to her whine the whole time. This works with kids of all ages too.  You just have to make it age appropriate. For toddlers, they can hold an item before it goes in the cart. Most grocery stores now have the child size shopping carts available for the preschool group.

This is not to say that I haven’t recently had a rush trip turn bad or I haven’t forgotten the list from time to time.  But, I know that when I do take the time to plan, even a little bit, the trip is a lot easier for both of us.

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