Why Would I Want More Unpaid Work?

I have no problem with saying, “no.” If I don’t want to do something, I don’t. My one exception to this is in regards to my family, specifically, my children. Please don’t take this to mean that I can’t say no to my children. I don’t spoil them too badly and tell them they can’t have something all the time. I don’t back down, and they don’t ask again if I say, “no.” What I mean is that I volunteer to do stuff all the time, but only because I see a benefit for them. And so, I volunteer. A Lot.

It all started when I somehow ended up as my Homeowner’s Association President. There was a need, the community was not being kept to my standard and I wanted to make it better for my kids. Three years later, I don’t see an end to that 1-year term in the near future.

After that, my oldest started school, so I volunteered in the classroom one day a week. It’s a new school, and there was no PTA. It needed to be started. Again, I ended up as President of the PTA. I am stumbling along and trying the best I can to get things going as I am building from the ground up. Next, my oldest wanted to join Girl Scouts, but there were 300 girls on the waiting list in my town trying to find a troop. Clearly, the only way she was going to get to be a Girl Scout was if I volunteered. Again.

As if all of this weren’t enough, I went to a meeting last night and discovered I was also going to be heading up a new Choice School Parent Advisory Committee in my county. This should be interesting. So, now I work just about full time without getting paid. I feel very lucky to be able to do this.

What gets me is when people ask me to do something that will not benefit my children or family at all and expect me to say yes.

My oldest daughter is in 1st grade. Safety Patrol at our school is for 5th graders. They don’t seem like a particularly ambitious group of kids this year either. That’s four years before I need to worry about paying for her trip to Washington DC. I was asked by the people running the Safety Patrol if I would help with fundraising. They also asked me to help with “Popcorn Fridays,” which is something I wanted to do for PTA but was asked if Safety Patrol could do it to raise funds for a trip to Washington DC.

Why would I want to waste my Friday afternoons on that? I am struggling to get the PTA off the ground, then they take my fundraiser from me and ask me to run it for them. To top things off, they never did “Popcorn Fridays!” I even gave them several people who would be willing to help with it.

Why is it people think that Stay-At-Home Moms sit around eating Bon-Bons and watching soap operas all day?

I suppose there are some that do, but for me, the TV goes on only for my workout and the rest of the day, I am going, going, going. Whether it is playing chauffeur, teacher (I work with the kids who need some help in the classroom), making sure the house is clean and kids are fed or running two Not-For-Profits (PTA and HOA), my day is a little too full to help out those who don’t want to help themselves.

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  1. Just Heather says:

    I get this a lot too. I am a WAHM, but people seem to miss the part where I’m, you know, working! I’ll have people irritated that I don’t answer the phone right away or not understanding why I’m not here when they stop by. Since I’m supposed to be staying home, I guess…?

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