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How can we make children listen and follow directions, if we can’t?

How do we as parents expect our children to listen and follow directions when many of us parents can’t seem to do it?

I am the PTA President at my daughter’s school. Not a position that I wanted, but none-the-less have been given. This is our first year having a PTA, so the challenges are unending and the support is non-existent. As the school year comes to an end, we have to have our elections for next year. So, in order to do this, we send home nomination forms with all the students giving all parents a chance to participate. We set a deadline of April 14th to have them turned back in.

We actually received many back in, which was a pleasant surprise. Then I started going over them and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Our school has many non-English speaking parents and I do understand that. The thing that frustrates me is that if it comes to money or other benefits to them, they seem to have no problem understanding the language. But, I digress. Let me get back to the nominations. Most of them couldn’t even be read. Many actually said they were interested and even checked a box for a board position. Several of those did not happen to include a name, phone number to be reached at and/or email address. I got one back from a parent who has twins in Kindergarten. They were interested in the President’s position.

It got me all excited for about ½ a second when I realized the nominee was the child.

Her brother also submitted a form with the child’s teacher’s name spelled very wrong. It is not a difficult name, not much more so than say, Smith. So, I think that if you don’t even know who your child’s teacher has been all year, probably the President’s position is not the best, when it requires A LOT of commitment and they didn’t have enough to learn their child’s teacher’s name. And since I know this child, I’m pretty sure there have been several conferences along the way. I also received a whole slew of them today, April 20, only 6 days after they were due. These people are not making the best impression or showing that they are very reliable.

So, how can we make their children listen and follow directions? The poor teachers (in both senses of the word, but that is a whole other topic) are expected to raise these children and teach them not only scholastic things, but how to be a good person in general. Parents need to learn to set a better example for their children. Children’s first teacher should be his or her parents! I know that more and more that seems not to be the case, but we need to get back to that. Our future depends on it!

I know it is cliché but it is for a reason: The children are our future. We need to be good role models and teachers and stop depending on the system to raise our children.

I am really glad that the school year is almost over. The countdown has begun. I may not be a paid teacher, but as involved as I am, I am looking forward to a few months where I don’t have to deal with stupidity and ignorance. Come fall, I have no doubt that I will once again be recharged and ready to deal with it for a few more months.

Until then, I will continue my Yoga and deep breathing…

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Article by CreativeDecoMom

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  1. fairytalemom says:

    With Whitney Houston playing in my head, thanks to your use of the cliche, I will admit that I am probably part of the problem at my school.

    I have a tendency to be disorganized and perhaps a bit delinquent when turning in school forms. Whenever they make it back to the classroom, they are at least somewhat legible.

  2. CreativeDecoMom says:

    I know. The song got stuck in my head as well. And to be honest, it is not even the late thing that bothers me. That was just on top of the fact that the form asked for Name, Child, teacher, phone number and/or email address. A lot of the people at the school don’t have an email address, but since the kids all dome wearing Nike shoes, and I see them with nice little cell phones, I know they have phone numbers. And if they don’t they can’t really do ANY of the jobs on the PTA board since we kind of need to have a way to communicate. I really just ask that the form be filled out. I get that most are working at least one job and time can just get away from you. It does for me as well. It’s really just stupidity that gets me so frustrated.

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