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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where My Kids Don’t Sleep

You know how they have those charts that tell you how much sleep a child needs? My kids have always been WAY below that. My youngest is especially bad. Most of the time, I am super strict with bed times though for certain things like movie night, I am flexible. They don’t go to sleep right away, but must be in bed at 7 PM to read a story. They do stay up and play for a little bit, then go to sleep on their own. They don’t lead sedentary lives by any means and should be tired.

Lately, though, my little one will have to be told many times to go to sleep. It has been after 10 before she falls asleep sometimes. It doesn’t matter what time they go to bed, and to be honest it has been 2:00 AM if we happen to be having a good party, they are still up at 6-6:30. She is a peanut and they say that kids grow when they sleep, so that makes sense, since she doesn’t.

I was never a big sleeper, though as I get older, I find it somewhat more enjoyable. I do still wake up at 6 AM on Saturday and Sunday to get at least part of my workout in before anybody else is up. I do that without an alarm clock. I am also only 5’2”, so maybe there really is truth to that growing while sleeping thing.

They have no TV’s in their rooms, though my 7 year old has figured out Netflix on her laptop and will occasionally watch a movie. She is also the better sleeper, so I don’t get on her too much about it.

From the time they were both babies, I tried to make them go to sleep on their own. It was a major battle with my oldest but my Chicken Lil’ would never sleep anywhere but in her bed on her own. She seemed like the easier one. Flash forward a few years, and I don’t know what to do. Aside from drugging them, I don’t know how to make them sleep more. Even drugging doesn’t work though since I passed that trait down as well. Anything that knocks most people out makes us wired. I have tried a clock and told them not to get up before a certain time; I have told them not to get out of bed before the sun is up and many other things. Nothing works… especially with Chicken Lil’. She doesn’t seem tired throughout the day and has PLENTY of energy.

Though I don’t remember as much with my older daughter, I do know that with the 4-year-old, I was down to one nap a day by 6 months and completely done with them by 18 months. I feel bad when I hear about many of my 4-year-old’s friends still napping when mine gets 8 hours on many nights.

I have yet to figure out how to fix this and feel like it is a failure of mine that they don’t get enough sleep. It’s not for lack of trying different things, and they always act ok so maybe they are just not sleepers. I am good on 5-6 solid hours a night. Maybe I have been cursed with children that don’t require much sleep. Still I always feel bad about it. I would love to hear some ideas.

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Article by CreativeDecoMom

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  1. justheather says:

    I am a stickler about bedtime. It doesn’t matter what time my girls go to bed, they get up at the same time every morning! The only way to be sure they get enough sleep is to put them to bed at 8pm every night, no matter what. We have the occasional event or weekend where it doesn’t happen, but I feel it on Monday – they were so grumpy today!

    I’ve read a lot about adult sleep deprivation being linked to childhood sleep habits too. We sometimes have trouble getting them to sleep in the summer (see previous rant on DST) but melatonin helps kick their bodies into gear. They *have* to get their 11 hours in or I deal with tantrums & whiny children 24/7/

  2. CreativeDecoMom says:

    Wow 11 hours!!! I can dream! Last night it was around 10 when the little one finally fell asleep. She will be up at 6:30. She won’t be grumpy or whiny. So I am thankful for that. She was in bed at 7 and her light was turned off 5 times. It was turned off again at 4:30 this morning because apparently, she got back up again and turned it back on after I went to take a shower and ger ready for bed. And the girl has one speed — High. From the time she bounces out of bed until she crashes at night. She runs, swims in the ocean or pool, dances, rides her bike, etc. Maybe like her Dad and I, she just doesn’t need a lot, though we appreciate it more as we get older…

  3. Allison says:

    I think it must have a lot to do with genetics, with a little vigorous routine thrown in. My son, almost 4, took 3 two-hour naps a day until he was 2 1/2. That was the main reason why I was able to still work full time from home when he was little. He now takes one good nap a day and is in bed no later than 8. We were challenged with night terrors all last year, so he was still probably needing those naps. Now he sleeps right thru until about 6:30am.

    My daughter is 20 months and usually only takes one nap from 9:30 to 11 and sometimes will sneak in one more at around 3pm. She is always in bed by 7:30. She sleeps thru the night like a champ, and has since 6 weeks.

    I do believe that adhering to a strong schedule (with some flexibility) has been a help for us. I also just think that my kids must need a bit more sleep.

    I can feel your frustration–I am sure your kids are fun–everyone has their own normal, right?

  4. Allison says:

    I meant say, I am sure your kids are “fine” but fun, too!

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