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The One Where She Wore a Dress I Made

I am not crafty. I do not save bits of ribbon because I can think of something really cool to make with them later. I do not have the tools needed to scrapbook. I am not ashamed of these things, although I am a tiny bit envious of those who do possess this ability. I accept that I will likely never enjoy attempting to be crafty—except for the time I had to sew.

In the most childish display of competitive parent behavior, MFH and I had to create a replica vintage 1940’s Girl Scout uniform. Now, ordinarily I would just settle for whatever I could find on ebay or amazon.com or wherever and call it close enough. But, this time, I wanted to make sure that people would be impressed with my efforts. (This is also slightly out of character, but the circumstances called for a big display.)

In the guise of crossing off a 40×40 item for both of us, we decided to sew.

From a pattern, we created a wearable garment for both girls. And, it was, as predicted, a big hit. We went above and beyond for the event and it was noticed—Mission Accomplished. Until, the princess thinks that I can sew. And, she would like for me to sew additional things. What she doesn’t understand is that the ONE thing that I created was the only time I ever planned on sewing.

It was a miserable, long, exhausting process. I determined that for the cost of materials and the time put in, I would much rather buy 2 or 3 dresses.

I do have very fond memories of my own mother sewing Halloween costumes for my brother and I every year. I understand why the princess loves that I made something special for her. But, I can’t do it again. I don’t want to do it again. I lost lots of sleep and became increasingly frustrated as the project continued. Quite honestly, I’m amazed that I finished the thing. Moreover, I’m amazed that it held together. The number of errors in this one dress is astounding. So, I will be disappointing the princess once again…

I cannot, will not, ever sew again.

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Article by FairyTaleMom

My name is Mom. I live in Fairy Tale Land with a Pirate, a Fairy and the Princess. My job duties include: head cook, Chief Executive of Laundry Operations, Vacuum Maintenance Engineer, Chief of Picking up Random objects and Primary Sherpa. I spend a great deal of time carrying sparkly, sequined, glitter covered tutus and miscellaneous dance shoes for the Princess. I long for moments of quiet and a mani/pedi. Trying to strike a balance between being a grown up and being a good mom. FairyTaleMom tagged this post with: , , Read 52 articles by

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  1. Amanda says:

    I feel for you here. Sewing I can do, and I like to, but I made one Martha Stewart cake (the “insert nasty name here”) and now my daughter thinks I can do cakes. It turned out really good and I am told it tasted good too (I don’t eat them). I continue to do them, but it is not something I enjoy. It takes WAY too long and costs as much as going to Publix to get one. Unfortunately, the 7 year old loves here subscription to Martha Stewart Living. She also gets these “fantastic” ideas for me to make her invitations. Thanks Martha for your great Halloween edition every year! Good Luck!

  2. justheather says:

    I was all set to ditto this completely! The pattern confused me, my mistakes irritated me and it took way too long and didn’t save any money over buying a dress. (Of course, in this case, it saved a bundle over buying a 1940s vintage Girl Scout uniform on eBay – if we could find one!)

    Then, I found out about Hancock Fabrics Memorial Day sale. $.99 patterns & half-price fabric. I’m completely convinced I can make her a full wardrobe for less than shopping Target. Talk to me again next week, though.

  3. Allison says:

    A pattern? I mean like, for a dress?? With button holes and pleats involved? See me bowing to your sewing mightiness? My mother AND grandmother sewed many a dress and costume for me and my sister growing up. I still break out in a cold sweat when I think about sewing a pillowcase dress. Yup–a dress that will only require two seams. Yikes!

  4. fairytalemom says:

    Perhaps sewing on a deadline was part of the problem. It was beyond frustrating to make mistake after mistake knowing that the deadline was looming. I’m not sure sewing more dresses is in my future…. unless there are cosmos and some other incentive involved.

    Amanda, I still would not call sewing fun. The pinning and basting and sewing and sewing and unsewing was not my idea of a party.

    Allison, if you saw all of the mistakes you may withhold that bow! But, the kudos are still much appreciated.

    Heather, $0.99 patterns? You’re mixing the cosmos!

  5. CreativeDecoMom says:

    Heather, Yes, Jo-Ann often has $.99 patterns. I make the girls Halloween costumes every year. Last year, I added mine and the hubby’s as well. I can promise you, even with sale fabric, Target is way cheaper with their clearance and $3 shorts and shirts this week. I spend WAY!!!! more on the costumes every year (I am getting off really cheap if I spend $50 for material and trim) but I have to be different, so I keep doing it. I also make all the window treatments and quilts for the house. This means that my room got remodeled last year and the quilt still is not finished. It is my goal for the summer.

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