Help Your Child Have a Smooth Summer Camp Experience

Summer is coming near, and it is time for some of us to get our children ready for an awesome experience—summer camp. Preparing your child for this experience is very important when it comes to packing the right items and helping your child feel secure about being away from home for an extended period of time. There are certain items you don’t want to forget to pack and certain things you want to do to transition your child to a smooth camp experience.

It is a great idea to prepare your children for what they should expect when it comes to summer camp. If your child has never been away for something quite like summer camp preparing them by arranging a practice time away from parents is a good idea. Also, present the idea that your child will have fun versus setting them up for anxieties telling them you will come get them if they don’t have a good time. Setting the expectation up, speaking of the fun factor, will eliminate the urge to call for a ride home. Parents can be very influential, and it is important we prevent their desire to come home at first.

Another great tip to set your child’s expectations for camp is to use a calendar to show your child how long away the start date of camp is, and then show them how long they will be at camp so they understand concept of time. Understanding there are four weeks till camp starts and that they’ll be away for a week shows them in action exactly how long they will be gone. If your child shows anxieties over this time frame maybe a <a href=”day summer camp would be more ideal.

Have your child help you pack their bag for their trip to summer camp. This involves them in the process. Tape or attach a packing list to their bag so they come home with most of the items they left with. Roll up clothes and stack up vertical to keep them more organized at camp. Less digging around for them to find their clothes and items means more time for fun for them. Don’t forget to label everything and don’t forget to pack these listed items:

  • Medications
  • toothbrushes
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • closed toe shoes
  • flashlight
  • plenty of socks
  • stationary
  • water bottles

Summer Camp is tons of fun, and following these tips will lead to a smoother camp experience for your child and you. Have fun, write your child often, and relax—your child will be fine!

This is a guest post, at our request—a few of the Misc Moms have kids headed to day camp or summer camp this year, and we can all use a few tips on being better prepared.

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