Control Summer Snacking with a Lunch Box

Now that the girls are home all day, the grocery budget can get a little out of control. There’s breakfast, of course. Then, second breakfast. Followed by lunch. And, second lunch. Plus, the afternoon snack. I’m amazed they’re actually hungry by the time dinner rolls around.

I truly don’t mind them eating when they’re hungry. I always provide healthy snacks. When Michelle mentioned her friend’s “anytime” snack drawer, I thought it was worth a try. However, my issue wasn’t necessarily in getting the girls to eat healthy foods. They’ll snack on fruit all day long—trust me. I have the grocery bills to prove it.

I just wanted a way to ration them a bit.

Lorelai is the biggest snacker (and, I’m the first to admit, the hardest to “control”) so I worried a snack drawer would just be emptied by her before lunch. (You know, the first one.) That’s when i had the idea to pull out our school-year lunch boxes.

Each night, I pack a variety of healthy snacks for the girls to have throughout the day. Once it’s gone, they’re done snacking. It took a few days for it to settle in—lunch boxes were empty before lunch—but they’re finally starting to ration themselves. Lorelai usually eats hers first, but she never asks for more. She seems to get the concept that this is “it” for the whole day, even if it doesn’t last that long.

Brenia will snack all morning, but save just 1 item for an afternoon snack. Stacia nibbles now & then, but I usually have to clean her lunchbox out at night—she’s not a major snacker. The best part is, even when the lunch box is empty, I don’t have to hear “Can we have a snack?” from whiny, hungry kids.

Because, they know they already had one (or three).

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  1. Amanda J Roy says:

    This is a great idea. I have one snacker, but since I can’t get her to gain anything even with constant eating, I don’t know if I want to limit her or not. She is 32 lbs. And will be 5 on the 21st. I would love to stop the constant eating though…

    • Sharee says:

      My son is 38lb (clothed) and is 4.5… He’s somewhere around 3.5ft tall. I’m tall and skinny and he just takes after me. But I’m with you — don’t want to limit the calories, especially during warm weather when they burn so much more (I eat one meal a day — alllllll day…. LOL)

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh what a great idea!! My kids haven’t really gotten into snacking (yet), but this is a great move to add to my bag of tricks!

  3. corrin says:

    Forget the kids…I need to do this for ME! 🙂

  4. Kelly Lester says:

    Hi Heather – I’m so glad to see that you’ve found a great use for my EasyLunchbox containers over the summer! Healthy snack packs for kids (and mom!) can also be taken with you on family outings and they’re great to have ready to go instead of grabbing that bag of chips. Up to three of the containers will fit in one of our cooler bags, so that means a lot of food in a small space. Keep the kids satisfied for hours while you’re out and about doing all the inevitable back to school shopping 😉

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