Frugal Fun to End the Summer

As summer is winding down, you may have run out of things to keep your child or children occupied. Many different activities can really hurt the pocket book. There are, however, many fun, free (or really cheap) things to do.

Check your local library. You probably know they have story time, but many also have lots of other fun activities as well. Mine had a day to learn all about astronauts and has drop off sessions at least once a month for two hours where they can learn and make some crafts.
Also, many businesses offer summer programs. One of my local bowling alleys offers two free games for each child per day, Monday through Friday, every week. You have to go to their website and register at the beginning of summer, but it is free. They also have a deal for the family plan for $25 where up to two adults per child can bowl for free everyday as well.

Children’s museums, many times, offer free activities for members. You have to buy the membership, but it is usually good for a whole year and not very expensive. Along those lines, check out memberships to places you will frequent, it can save you money a lot of times. I did this for a local water park this year and not only did it get me there more often because I had the membership and want to make sure I make it worthwhile, but it saved some money and the kids have a blast, especially when we go with their friends. In the past, I have gotten zoo memberships, children’s museums and a couple others.

Many times, movie theaters have matinee specials over the summer. Call their box office to ask about this. I have two near me. One has a deal for $4 and you get soda and popcorn. This one shows movies that are just out of the theaters. The other has a deal for $1 movie, or if you buy the package at the beginning of the summer, you get 10 movies for $5 (one a week). These are older movies. This week, for example, was Aliens in the Attic.

Many restaurants also offer family nights where kids eat free or discounts for the while family. A lot of times, they will bring in clowns, balloon people or face painters as well. I think there are several choices each night of the week around me. Of course eating out that much could get expensive even with the discounts, but if you are looking for a treat, it makes it less expensive if you plan around these nights.

Of course, the local pool is always a great option for kids. Mine never get sick of it. We are lucky enough to have a great pool in the community that I try to hit once a day. It’s free and could keep the kids occupied for hours. I like to invite some of my friends as well, which makes it fun for me for hours as well.

You may have to do some searching, but there are lots of things to keep the kids from getting bored and not send you to the poor house. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and give the kids lots to tell about their summer break when school starts back up.

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