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On Tween Grooming (Plus Schick Intuition Giveaway)

I vividly remember what it was like to be a tween—AWFUL. I hated the out of control hormones, crying I couldn’t explain and fighting with my parents for no reason at all (except for their unreasonable desire for me to be safe and behave like a lady).

I also remember wanting so badly to fit in and to start wearing makeup, doing my nails and shaving like all of my friends. I was so embarrassed in gym class that I was the only girl not yet shaving my legs. I thought it was the only thing that was noticeable about me. Looking back, I see now it probably wasn’t the ONLY thing that people saw, but kids are cruel, and my self image took a little beating as a result.

Not eager to repeat the embarrassment for the princess, when she asked to shave her legs, I reluctantly agreed. I think she’s a little young, but I decided that if it bothered her and could be easily fixed, then I was game.

I wanted to make sure I provided her with more instruction than I received, so I started by looking for the best tool for a young girl to use to start shaving. I wasn’t willing to hand over a package of disposable shavers and let her cut herself to shreds. I wanted something that would make the process easy for her. What I found was I needed a tool with multiple blades and low risk of cutting open a major artery.

When I came across the Schick Intuition, I knew I had the right thing. I did explain to the princess that it is still possible to cut yourself with the razor, and she should plan on it. But, this particular shaver had the necessary moisturizer surrounding the blades and it seemed to be the safest. Now, for me, this is not the right tool for the job. But, for a beginner, I made the right choice.

We are now 3 months into this new adventure in being a tween and so far, there has been no bloodshed in the shower. I would like to think it was my lesson on technique, but the razor has a lot to do with it. Either way, she feels good about her hair free legs and I feel like I was able to contribute a few words of wisdom before she stops listening to everything I say.

If you have a tween, or prefer the Schick Intuition for yourself, we’re hooking you up! Leave a comment here, and tell us about your own experience with learning to shave. Did your mom teach you or were you left to fend for yourself? You can earn additional entries by:

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For your extra entries to be counted, be sure to leave an additional comment directing us to your entry. Only one additional entry per method (i.e. While multiple tweets are appreciated it, only one will count as a drawing entry.) The contest runs until 9/16 at 11:59pm est. Two winners will be notified by email on 9/17 and receive a Schick Intuition gift basket. Winner will have 48 hours to complete the claim form or a new winner will be chosen.

We received no compensation for hosting this giveaway, but we did enjoy the amazing Kiss & Tell party Schick Intuition threw for us at BlogHer. This opinion is, as always, 100% real and honest.

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Article by FairyTaleMom

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  1. Dawn says:

    I was lucky enough to have a sister who was exactly a year older than me, so I was always informed on things like shaving. It was nice having her there to teach me how to do things like this growing up. Sometimes I even learned things before I should have because of her age but regardless it was nice having someone there to teach me things like this.

  2. Sara says:

    Learning to shave was a disaster. My mom kept telling me I had to wait until I was 14 and I didn’t want to so one day after school I bought some disposable razors and shaved my legs. Dry. It was like nails on a board. It was horrible. Fortunately I didn’t cut myself all up, just a few nicks. But I learned the reality that my mom was trying to spare me of — I then had to shave all the time. I will do it differently with my daughter. Probably talking your thoughts you shared. Thank you.

  3. Bonnie P says:

    My mom gave me an electric shaver, when I switched to a razor; I was on my own

  4. Emily says:

    I was on my own but found it to be pretty self explanatory 🙂

  5. Emily says:

    i now follow you on twitter as @boosandrawrs

  6. amy h says:

    Because I “secretly” shaved my legs behind my mom’s back (lol) I was left to fend for myself.

  7. amy h says:

    Subscribing via google reader.

  8. amy h says:

    Following Miscellaneous Mom on Twitter: hillfam2005

  9. Julie L says:

    I “taught” my self how to shave-through many “nicks” I finally got the hang of it 🙂 So I decided to teach my daughter-…
    thanks for the giveaway

  10. Julie L says:

    feed subscriber through Google

  11. Julie L says:

    I shared it on my fb wall-Julie Scott Laws

  12. Jennifer Barr says:

    I didn’t have a mom growing up so i had to learn on my own

  13. Jennifer Barr says:

    Subscribing to our site by email or RSS

  14. Jennifer Barr says:

    Following Miscellaneous Mom on Twitter

  15. Gerrie S says:

    I taught myself how to shave and it was not pretty for a while. I now have a 10 yo daughter and I have shaved her legs for her.

  16. Gerrie S says:

    twitter follower

  17. Wehaf says:

    My older sister taught me, which was nice. I did attempt to teach myself how to shave my bikini line – that did not go well!

  18. casey says:

    when i was in 1st grade i saw my babysitter shave her legs before we went swimming so i decided that night that i was going to try it!! ohhhhhh my mom was so mad at me!!!!! i thought i was trying to be cool, but little did i know that shaving is such a pain in the you know what!! 🙂

  19. Lynn says:

    I learned how to shave without any guidance from my mom!

  20. Lisa G. says:

    My mom didn’t want me to shave yet but all my friends were starting at 12. I took her dull Bic disposable razor that she would use forever and tried to shave. I managed to cut my knee and ankle bone.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  21. Lisa G. says:

    I subscribed to your emails.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  22. Lisa G. says:

    I’m following you on Twitter user lisalmg.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  23. Lisa G. says:

    I Tweeted this giveaway. http://twitter.com/lisalmg/status/24722766963
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  24. Heather says:

    I taught myself how to shave.

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