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On Blending Families and the Chevy Traverse

Sometimes things happen that we couldn’t have predicted. Whether a wonderful surprise or a devastating set back, we can rarely anticipate what life has in store for us. This happened to me when my family suddenly grew. The princess and I had been traveling along blissfully unaware that we would become part of a larger family unit. But, it happened. When we met NBF and his children, we became a part of something larger.

We were accustomed to being a duo—the princess and I. We didn’t anticipate how much richer our lives would be when our family grew to 6. We’ve enjoyed family dinners, birthdays, holidays, school events, sporting events and road trips.

Taking a group on any road trip is no small feat, taking 6 when you bought a car for 2 is another story all together. We’ve made due with our current situation—sometimes taking 2 cars when all of us are present. And, we’ve done so with the attitude that our situation is better than the alternative. Even with that in mind, more space in the car would be a welcome change.

Pretending to Drive

Last weekend, our friends at Chevrolet gave us the opportunity to drive a Traverse for the weekend. To say that it has more room than either of our sedans is an understatement. This mom was happy to see space between the children—a whole row of seats at some points. Needless to say, the car was a much happier place when the kids weren’t on top of each other.

One of the things we enjoyed was the ability for the second row passengers—namely the princess and her royal highness—to listen to a separate radio station than the grownups. The model we drove didn’t include the DVD entertainment system, but the dual radio feature kept the girls occupied on our excursions over the weekend. The entertainment system would be an upgrade I will happily pay for when purchasing the Traverse.

The fancy entertainment system wasn’t really necessary for the driving we did over the weekend. We made the trip to pick up her highness and the little man (notably absent was the recently employed eldest child, who had to work). We took the princess to dance class and made the usual trip to the grocery store.

At the Ballet

This weekend, I had the opportunity to take the girls to the ballet. They felt very special when the valet took the keys (and I felt a little nervous turning over the borrowed car to strangers).

The kids loved the ballet and I loved driving the Traverse. But, my favorite part of the weekend was being able to take one car to church on Sunday. We arrived as a family, in one car, and it was a beautiful sight.

All in all, the style of the traverse suited this mom very nicely. We drove the 8 passenger model, which made it a little difficult for the little man to get into the third row seat, but that’s certainly not a deal breaker. The 7 passenger model is more my style. The button closure on the rear gate was awesome for holding on to a little hand in the parking lot after storing the groceries. If I didn’t mention the rear view camera that displays in the rear view mirror, I would be missing one of the kids’ favorite features. They were just shy of asking us to drive in reverse everywhere we went. My favorite feature was the USB port to play the iPod through the sound system. (I will need a new play list for long road trips.)

The weekend was too short, as they always are, but my experience in the Chevrolet Traverse made it a fun one. I can honestly tell you the kids loved the Traverse as much as the adults. I hope they also enjoy the time we spent together as much I did.

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  1. Connie Burke says:

    Thanks for giving our Traverse a thorough run-through with your royal family, Julie! Very nicely done. I enjoy your writing style. I sorta kinda feel like I am an extended family member now 😉
    My kids always liked the back-up camera, too. So much so that they would make me put it in reverse in the driveway, and then hop out and run behind the vehicle to make faces for me. Yep, I’m a proud momma 🙂

  2. Great mix of review and overall family experience with the vehicle. I would much rather read this than Motor Trend and I’m a guy 🙂 My son and his cousin couldn’t stop talking about the “2nd sunroof” as they called it. If I would have shown them the backup camera they would have never left that vehicle.

    Chris Theisen
    Director of Digital Communications
    Hare Chevrolet

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