Controlled Chaos: Family Calendar Management

Family Organizer wall calendar pageWith 3 active girls, our family life gets a little chaotic. There are Girl Scout meetings—times 3. There are doctors appointments—times 5. There are work deadlines, school field trips, family obligations and (when we can find the time) fun & parties.

My mommy brain definitely can’t remember who goes where and what time, without a little help.

I use the Family Organizer Big Grid Wall Calendar—after ditching my calendar year after year, I was pleased to find one that works so well for us. The spaces are large—and lined—to make it easier to list multiple appointments & events. Below each day is a space for your week’s menu. Planning alongside our family schedule helps me know when I need a quick meal and when there’s time to cook.

The calendar also comes with stickers, and I’m not ashamed to admit how much I love them. They add fun & color to what would be an otherwise boring list of stuff to-do. They’re in the back of the calendar, along with a small pocket to store invites, school calendars or other bits of paper you may need along the way.

Typically, though, I write all pertinent information in the calendar space, then toss the rest. It’s why I prefer a 16-month calendar—I can add all the school dates at once instead of needing to save the paper until the new calendar starts in January.

Each month includes a section for keeping track of a to-do list. I use it primarily for jotting down items things I want to find time to do sometime that month—October’s list included cleaning out the garage. When we woke up to rain on Saturday and knew our apple picking trip wasn’t going to work, we got to cross it off the list early in the month!

With my trusty purple pen.

Colorclick penThat’s my other trick—each member of the family has a different color of ink. It’s easy to see at a glance what I have to do each month. Well, okay, that’s pretty much all the colors so let me rephrase. It’s easier for the hubby to see at a glance when I’ll be away each month.

If you don’t want 6 different pens hanging around, check out this multi-colored ink pen. 10 inks in one pen might be a little much for most families—unless you have ideas for an elaborate, color-coded system I need to hear.

And, where do I keep this fancy calendar system? In the bathroom, of course!

It’s right there in the mornings when I’m getting ready for my day. It’s right there in the evening, so I look ahead to the next day. It’s right there if I, um, happen to be sitting down looking for something to read. It never hurts to take a good, long look at your calendar now & then.

Where do you keep your family’s calendar?

This is not a sponsored review, although it contains affiliate links should you love my calendar as much as I do.

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