Easy Family Travel: The Road Trip Bag

We leave in just a few days for our much anticipated Disney vacation. The tickets are purchased, the resort is secured and the dining reservations are scheduled. All that’s left for us to worry about is getting there—and back.

Our road trip plans worked very nicely for our summer beach trip. (Well, aside from the passing out and puking.) We drove all the way to Myrtle Beach without a single food stop, having packed healthier lunches, snacks & a cooler.

I packed several travel gifts—inexpensive items designed to provide fresh entertainment along the way. The girls received something new after we crossed each state line. They also each had their own bag filled with books, games & movies.

Here are the things I include in my own bag of tricks for the road:

  • Snacks (Steer clear of anything that will melt in the hot car once you arrive. We like trail mix, crackers, self-contained fruit or individually packed snack boxes.
  • Travel Games (Travel Bingo or the License Plate game are family favorites. Melissa & Doug and Milton Bradley both make great travel gaems too.)
  • Coloring books, colored pencils (check out Crayola Twistables so you don’t have to worry about sharpening on the go), and word games
  • Extra Socks (Trust me. They will want to kick off their shoes for the trip, and then complain about their feet being cold for the next 3 states.)
  • DVDs (If you don’t have a DVD player for the road yet, I can’t imagine how you ever travel farther than 90 miles.)
  • Pillows & Blankets, and I (Okay, so this one doesn’t fit in the bag, but it’s a road trip requirement, and I’m loving the Zoobies pillow & blanket set.)

If you want to create a special bag for your next road trip, VistaPrint is offering a great special right now—get a FREE small tote bag (plus 9 other freebies!). It would also be fun to customize a bag for Trick-or-Treating—we’ll be using our Disney treat buckets this year!

What tricks do you have for traveling with kids? We’ll take all the help we can get!

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  1. Great ideas! Have a wonderful time on your Disney Vacation!!

    My top tips for road trips with kids are:

    1) Print out a road map for the kids so they can see for themselves how far you have driven and how far you have to go. They can color the route along as you go.

    2) Have lots of games-eg everyone has a turn naming a fruit starting with each letter of the alphabet.

    3) If you can afford it-an Ipod touch is one of the best travel companions. There are tons of free apps. Add some games for the kids, quizzes, weather apps etc and load it up with your kids favorite songs.

    4) When the kids start getting restless-try to find a park and stop for half an hour or so and toss around a ball or frisbee with the kids.

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