What happened to piñatas and tea parties?

The Charlie & Lola Pink Milk Party

Among my girls’ friends, we’re kind of known for awesome birthday parties. I have always gone out of my way to make their day special, and find unique ways to celebrate with their friends. It started with just one child, and the parties were pretty typical.

We’d have a bowling party with the whole extended family or celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese. Then, our family expanded, she started school and the guest list grew.

To 30.

I knew they wouldn’t all be able to attend, and I couldn’t figure out which of her classmates, teams or Scouts to leave out. So we went with it, but decided to throw the party at home to save money. Then, I worked hard to make it extra special. From then on, she only wanted to have parties here at home.

Only, they’re never an ordinary theme. You won’t hear one of my girls ask to have anything you’ll ever find in a party supply store. We’ve had fashion parties (complete with a zombie fashion show—yes, seriously.), baking parties, dump truck parties and marshmallow parties. We once had a Christmas party on a birthday. And this year?

It’s Halloween.

My youngest is obsessed with all things Halloween (well, except Scary Bone Men & Mean Witches). More than 6 months ago, she announced that she would have a Halloween party for her birthday. And, never let it go. Each week at the library, she selects a Halloween movie and tells us all about her birthday party.

Her birthday is next week, and we have a fabulous Halloween party planned. The food will be super fun, the cake will be a Haunted House and we’re having a costume parade! I found several awesome Halloween printable games—including free coloring pages for the little ones to enjoy as the guests arrive.

We tweaked this Halloween party invitation. We already have plenty of decorations, even if I am trying to cut back a little.

Goody bags will be super easy—I’m planning to pickup non-food treat packs on clearance November 1st and raid our ginormous candy stash. If I can get a good deal, I might even put it all into pumpkin buckets.

This might be the easiest birthday party I’ve ever planned, but is it too much to ask for them to choose something normal now and then?

I received a free set of Halloween games from my affiliate manager at Python & the invitations were a prize from a Tiny Prints Twitter party, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I love love love their creativity! I also love how you support it- and I think it encourages more. Of course, going for a “classic” themed party is also a challenge these days!

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