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On Memorable Vacations (and the GMC Acadia)

The memories I have of childhood at this point, are all a little fuzzy, except for the trips that we took as a family. I remember the St Louis Gateway arch, Disney World, the trip through Yellowstone, and many others. Those are some of the clearest and fondest memories of my childhood. I remember the feeling of Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house, or the way my mom read the newspaper, but the specifics don’t stand out anymore. A goal of mine is to make sure that my daughter has those memories as well.

With that in mind, the Fairy Tale Family set out for Fall Break to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Four days was a little ambitious for this trip, but it was amazing all the same. If the goal was creating lasting memories, I was quite successful.

We were fortunate to have been given the opportunity to drive the 2011 GMC Acadia Denali all 3,000 miles from home through the plains states to our final destination. The extra room in this crossover SUV was amazing for the kids. I didn’t hear one complaint the whole way there as they watched movie after movie using the wireless headsets that come with the DVD entertainment system.

I was not quite as well behaved, as I complained through the entire State of Kansas, (it is wide and flat and after Kansas City has nothing to look at in the dark). We hardly had to use the AMAZING navigation system through that state, (which is a shame, since it was so much fun). The heated seats kept me relatively content, while NBF preferred to use the cooling feature where he was sitting. The climate controls in the back seat also kept the kids pretty content.

Pike's Peak

As we arrived in the dark, we didn’t get that beautiful shot of mountains you see as you approach the Rocky Mountains. I am sorry that the kids didn’t get to see that, it’s an amazing sight. We made up for it in the morning as we took the Cog Train up Pike’s Peak. They didn’t understand what a big deal it was to head up the mountain until we started out.

About 45 minutes into the train ride, they were mightily impressed. The view was mostly obstructed by cloud cover, but I’m sure they will remember the snow—lots of snow. It was 60 degrees at the start of the ride and a very cold 3 degrees at the top. Most likely, however, they will remember the doughnuts. Apparently, the doughnuts on top of Pike’s Peak are famous.

The Acadia then took us on a little tour of the mountains, but we missed going to Cave of the Winds due to time constraints. For the record, it was not at all my aversion to dark, bat infested places that prevented us from going. I am a team player and was going to completely ignore the instinct to run screaming away from there as fast as I could. But, alas, we were out of time for the day. Instead, we were able to pick up the cousins that we were staying with and take all of the kids to the movies. All 5 kids fit nicely in the Acadia. It was so nice to be in a vehicle that allowed the whole family, plus a few, to fit at once.

On our last day there we took in quite a few sights. We started at the Air Force Academy where we toured the chapel. Then we were off to Garden of the Gods. The kids had an amazing time climbing the rocks and looking at the rock formations. The “Kissing Camels” was a big hit with my group. I had a great time with the family on this trip.

It was all made extra special thanks to my friends at General Motors. They provided the car, which was amazing. The whole car was awesome. The drivers seat had the option of “remembering” two different drivers. No fighting for NBF and I over seat placement. And, it was easy to park, considering its size. The side mirrors tilt downward when in reverse so that you have perspective on the space you are entering, and the view on the back up camera is incredibly clear.

The only thing I could possibly wish for when driving the GMC Acadia, other than being able to keep it, is more storage space. We were able to fit all of our stuff in around the cooler by laying down half of the back seat. If we hadn’t had that option, we would have been using the luggage rack for sure. But, that is truly my only complaint. The ride was smooth and quiet with lots of fun features.

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  1. Connie Burke says:

    So glad the Acadia was a crowd-pleaser for the whole Fairy Tale fam! It’s the little things, isn’t it?

    For the kids not to complain on a very ambitious 3,000 miles in four days is quite the accomplishment. Well done, Mom!

    I enjoy your authentic reviews, with all the fine details. Thanks for your write-up, and glad it was an enjoyable, safe trip for all!

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