Giving The Gift of Family Fun

Year after year, I swear I’ll do things differently. Instead of saying maybe later, I’ll say Yes! Let’s go do that today. Instead of a list of things I wish I did with the girls, I’ll scrapbook all the things we did through the year. This year, we got lucky. Through a couple incredible opportunities, we were able to take two family vacations we ordinarily couldn’t afford.

It was complete bliss—a week of just the hubby and my girls. A week of saying yes. A week of fun, giggles and memories I hope they’ll have forever. Then we came home—to the land of too many nos, too little time and kids growing up so fast—and, I worry I’m missing the real memories. The everyday things they can point to someday, and say to one another, “Remember when we…”

So, I have a solution—this year, we’re giving the gift of family fun. The girls have each asked for a calendar for Christmas, and I’m going with it. The calendars will be pre-filled with special days throughout the year. Birthdays, anniversaries and—here’s the key—a monthly family fun day! It might be something as simple as family movie night or as big as a weekend in Chicago (with KidGrade as our guide!).

The point is to make sure regular family fun actually happens! I’m good with a calendar, and if the girls know something’s coming? There’s no chance of being lazy & skipping the idea altogether. It’s all about accountability. Plus, they’ll have a date on the calendar to look forward to each month. Besides, the calendar is one of 10 free items from VistaPrint right now—and, you can’t beat that!

Shout out to my friend Sara, who totally gets my struggle with Someday, for the Year of Awesome phrase!

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  1. punkinmama says:

    Great idea!

    Maybe I’ll do that one of these days… oops…

  2. Michelle says:

    What a grear idea! I just did that for Advent. We made the rings to countdown to christmas & wrote activities for each day. hmm….could be fun to plan out 2011 in a similar way!

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