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Preserving Family Traditions (Plus Picaboo Madison Album Giveaway)

We’re big on traditions around her, and I’m often surprised at the ones that make their list of favorite things each year. Most of them aren’t a major deal—it’s just about creating memories for our family.

Homemade pizza on New Year’s Eve. Candlelight dinner for 5 on Valentine’s Day. New shoes for Easter. Barefoot Day in the first week of summer. Apple picking every fall—which we missed this year. I’m not sure anyone was more devastated than I.

We have traditions for every season, but especially around the holidays. My girls know they can expect the same food on Tree Trimming Night, the same book on Christmas Eve, the same music all season long. They also know they can get me to do pretty much anything again just by saying, “But, it’s a tradition!”

I want my girls to have special things to look back on when they’re grown—memories to cherish and recreate with their own families. I also want to preserve them to share with grandchildren one day. I used to scrapbook on a regular basis. I still keep all of my supplies. In a closet I call the craft room.

But, I don’t craft. Instead, I had box after box of pictures I’d printed in hopes of preserving our family memories. I have digital folder after folder of pictures I haven’t yet printed. I had in my head that I needed to scrapbook everything in order—family yearbooks from January through New Year’s Eve.

Then, I hit on an awesome idea—family tradition albums! My first was, of course, a holiday traditions album. There’s a page titled The Stockings Were Hung which features pictures of my girls & their stockings through the years. There’s a page for Tree Trimming Night. There’s a page for Santa’s cookies.

On each page, I’ve added pictures of each tradition. A full album of special memories just for Christmas. Well, almost full. I still have the issue of printing the right pictures and finding the time to get them all in our album. Enter Picaboo—the simple drag & drop interface makes it fast & easy to preserve our family memories.

Picaboo Madison photo booksRight now, you can save 30% on classic photo books with coupon code HOLIDAY30 or win a Madison photo book completely FREE! The Madison album features a laminated photo cover, leather-bound spine & back, lay-flat pages and pearl-finish cardstock pages. This is a truly gorgeous coffee table book worthy of your most treasured family memories.

To enter for your chance to win one now, simply leave a comment here, and tell us about your family’s favorite traditions. You can earn additional entries by:

  • Subscribing to our site by email or RSS
  • Following Picaboo and Miscellaneous Mom on Twitter
  • Writing about this giveaway (blog, forum, public Facebook note)
  • Tweeting about this giveaway: I’m preserving my family traditions with @PicabooBooks and @MiscMom! {link}

For your extra entries to be counted, be sure to leave an additional comment directing us to your entry. Only one additional entry per method (i.e. While multiple tweets are appreciated it, only one will count as a drawing entry.) The contest runs until 12/14 at 11:59pm est. One winner will be notified by email on 12/15 and receive a coupon code for a free Picaboo 20-page Madison photo book ($99 value). Winner will have 48 hours to complete the claim form or a new winner will be chosen.

I received no compensation for this post, unless you choose to purchase from Picaboo through the links above, and all opinions are 100% real.

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Article by justheather

Heather Sokol is the married mother of many amazing, active children through birth, adoption, and foster care. They have created in her a Sports Mom, Scout Mom, Band Mom, Dance Mom, Allergy Mom & avid coupon clipper. Is that miscellaneous enough for you? She shares her deals & tips at Inexpensively.com and reports progress on learning to be a grownup at JustHeather.com. justheather tagged this post with: , Read 94 articles by

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  1. punkinmama says:

    I’m trying to start some new family traditions with my husband and with Punkin. We’re doing an Advent calendar for the first time this year. I’m hoping Punkin will really enjoy this and look forward to it every year. So far, he looks forward to opening each new day (sometimes waking up in the middle of the night asking if he can open the next one).

    I’d also like to start with new pajamas on Christmas Eve, but I haven’t fully thought that one through yet (meaning, I haven’t shopped for them yet)!

  2. Todd says:

    One of my favorite family was during our Christmas holiday break we would drive from Ct to NJ and on the way stop at my Mom’s sisters to spend the holiday with them. We would run around the house, play ping pong and just have a good time….

  3. Jody John says:

    One of our favorite traditions is to decorate cookies together…I love spending time with my kids and letting them get creative…just a huge mess to clean up afterwards but worth the time…

    Thanks for the chance to win…

    dan_jody at live.com

  4. One tradition that we have is baking cookies as a family. My mom & my sister come over and we, along with the kids spend a whole day baking!

  5. I retweeted your tweet! @ifindgreatdeals

  6. Toni says:

    If you call my house on Christmas morning, the first thing you will quickly hear is “Christmas gift!” I don’t know how or when it started, but when I was little, I thought EVERYONE did that! You are supposed to be the first one to say it. I guess it’s silly, but always fun to “catch” other people when they don’t say it. LOL

  7. Toni says:

    I already follow as @ItsToni

  8. Karen says:

    I would love to do a book on our Family Cruise we took over the summer with the grandparents & cousins!

  9. Heather R says:

    One of our new family traditions is to sit down with my daughter and have her make her own Christmas cards. All of the family call and let her know how much they look forward to seeing her Christmas card!

  10. Heather R says:

    I subscribe to your site via RSS Feed

  11. Heather R says:

    I follow Picaboo and Miscellaneous Mom on Twitter

  12. cindy says:

    my favorite family tradition is going apple picking together .

  13. Deb K says:

    Our family tradition is we all get together on Christmas Eve and have a great time~laughing~talking~eating and then opening presents!

    And this year I hear that Santa is going to stop in 🙂


  14. tina reynolds says:

    my husband hides are big presents and we have to follow clues to find them thanks for the chance to win eaglesforjack@gmail.com

  15. tina reynolds says:

    i subscribe thanks

  16. Lisa G. says:

    One of my family traditions is getting all the grandchildren together with grandma each year before Christmas to bake cookies. They have so much fun making Christmas shapes with the cookie cutter and then decorating them. It makes for great photos and memories each year!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  17. Lisa G. says:

    I’m subscribed to your emails.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  18. Lisa G. says:

    I’m following you both on Twitter @lisalmg.
    lisalmg25 at gmial dot com

  19. Mommy D says:

    We have so many, but one of our Christmas Traditions is we make and decorate a Birthday Cake for Jesus on Dec 25th. We all blow the candle out at once.


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