The One Where I Don’t Eat Breakfast

I know, I know. It’s the most important meal of the day! That’s why I make sure my girls have a nice, healthy breakfast every morning before school. I just don’t eat with them. I’ve never been a breakfast person—I don’t like eggs, and I’m just not a morning person to begin with. I do love me some breakfast meats, but they’re not actually all that healthy.

When I started on my Mamavation journey a few weeks ago, I tried to make some positive changes in my diet along with the fitness routine. Part of that included breakfast—but it hasn’t been an easy thing to change. I started with oatmeal, a little brown sugar or honey to sweeten it and I was eating breakfast every morning! But, it got a little boring, and I started slacking off again.

Then, I was invited to host a Nutella breakfast bar party with other moms. Girls Night In—hooray! I provided a wide selection of foods to go with our hazelnut-chocolatey goodness along with mimosas (and plain ol’ OJ).

I slathered Nutella on waffles, pancakes & toast. I even made homemade cinnamon chips—yum! We topped it all with strawberries, blueberries & bananas.

I loved having “the girls” over for an evening—Michelle, Chris & Joanna are all local bloggers turned real life friends (plus, Julie who is a real life friend turned blogger!) We enjoyed coming up with new ideas for using Nutella at breakfast. And, it was all so good, I re-toasted the leftovers for breakfast the rest of the week.

One of the things that struck me most during the party was a line in the trivia cards: “The best breakfast is the one that gets eaten.” And, isn’t that the truth? It won’t matter if I have the healthiest selection of foods I’ll never eat—I’ve got to find a way to fit breakfast into my daily routine in a way that works for me.

And, make sure my kids see me finally getting it right!

I was provided with a free Nutella party kit, including samples & goodie bags for my guests. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Nutella is SOOO good. Glad your party was fun. 🙂

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