How To Save Your Sanity This #Summer

School is out any day now and stay-at-home moms like me are starting to panic about what to do with all those kids. Your school calendar is made up of Scouts, lessons, rehearsals and other after school activities. You can anticipate what is coming and respond accordingly, but you don’t have to let chaos reign when school is out for the summer.

Use the free events available to you and plan your own summer schedule. Several years ago, I created a plan to keep our summer days structured. It goes a little like this:

8:00am Wake-up
8:30am Breakfast
9:00am Breakfast clean-up
9:30am Dressed for the day
10:00am Field Trip/Activity
11:45am Home
12:00pm Fix lunch
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Lunch clean-up
1:30pm Quiet Time/Naps
3:00pm Play outside/Rain or Heat Alternative Craft or Baking
4:00pm Snack
4:30pm Clean-up: Daily Chores

I love to keep the girls outside as much as possible, but it’s good to have a plan for rainy days. I keep a list & supplies ready for alternative indoor activities—reading, summer school packets, computer games, crafts and baking are all fun, simple options.

We also have a weekly schedule of outside activities and events:

Monday – Library: The local library offers more than just books! We have seen Jungle John, Snakehead Ed, Madcap Puppets and experienced Harry Potter and Narnia festivals all for free at our small town library.

Tuesday – Movie Day: Many movie theaters offer free or cheap summer films. Most even have a discounted kids’ concession stand package. Check with your local theater, or visit the cinema’s website for full details:

Regal/United Artists: Free Summer Film Fest every Tuesday & Wednesday morning
Kerasotes: Free Summer Movie Program every Wednesday and Thursday morning
Cinemark: Summer Movie Clubhouse $1.00 film on weekday mornings
AMC: Summer Movie Camp $1.00 film every Wednesday morning

Wednesday – Water Fun: Splash parks have been all the rage for the last several years. We cool down for free with sprinklers provided by the local parks department. Other options include the community pool, a sprinkler on the lawn or umbrellas outside on a rainy day.

Thursday – Park Day: The girls really look forward to hitting the parks & playground once school is out. They still talk about our summer park tour. Several years ago, we hit a different park in the area every week. It was a great way to learn about our area and find local favorites. Parks also sponsor a lot of free programs throughout the summer. Park programs often include nature programs, movies, concerts, organized hikes, star-gazing and more.

Friday Fun: Special events sponsored by the library or parks are often on Fridays, but we’ve also gone bowling (for free, of course!), spent an hour or so at an arcade (not free, but they can last awhile on a few bucks) or splurged on an afternoon at the bounce house.

Typically, I use the Friday Fun Day as a reward for good behavior. I’ll announce my idea on Monday, then decide on Friday if they have earned the outing. It’s a simple bribe that can be renewed each week. I post the daily and weekly schedule where the girls can see it.

It helps keep them on task and motivated. I also insist on quiet time, even through all the kids are too old for naps. They watch a movie in the toy room, read in their books or play outside without coming to the house for a couple hours each afternoon. I just need a few moments to myself every day.

Or, it’s going to be a really long summer!

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