How To Get Your Kids To Tell You About Their School Day

How to Get Your Kids to Tell You About the First Day of School
“How was school?”


“What did you do today?”


It’s a conversation happening in minivans around the world, every afternoon. If you want to really find out what your kids are doing at school all day, you’re going to have to change the questions. Or, you know, friend their teachers on Facebook.

But, if you like to hear about your kids’ day directly from the source, here are my favorite questions for extracting some real information:

“What was your favorite part of today?”

“Did you use any new materials today?”

“Who did you play with at recess?”

“Why is your shirt on backwards?”

Wait, that one’s just for Lorelai. The rest of the questions, though, are perfect for sparking conversations. I get the answers to my initial questions, then they just don’t stop talking. I hear about their day on the way home, with stories coming out all afternoon.

One interesting thing that’s happened through this is they recap things for their dad at dinner, and end up telling us even more. The girls will share details of their day I’d never think to ask about. Even my teen will talk about her day at school.

Yesterday, I learned that Lorelai has 4 new kids in her class, Brenia loves the new math lessons in upper elementary (but still prefers geography) and Stacia is disappointed there are no boys her age. I’m not so sad about that, myself.

So, how do you get your kids to open up about their day?

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  1. I love asking my kids what was the favorite part of their day. One time my three year old answered “chicken nuggets” The highlight of his day was one meal that he ate 7 hours previous to me asking. Maybe we are over thinking things.

    Great Post,


  2. justheather says:

    Oh, yes – you get some fascinating answers to that question. Lorelai almost always responds with something food related. Her favorite part of school is very often snack or lunch. Still, it’s a good starting point for real conversation. And, an interesting peak into their minds.

  3. Jessica says:

    Our dinner time routine is going around the table and everyone sharing the best and crummiest parts of their day. We then try to see if we can turn the crummy into a positive. It certainly gets them talking! (we were getting too many “fines, greats, etc” as well.

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