The One Where My Kids Lack Culture

20111028-112751.jpgOne of the biggest reasons for gifting a year of family fun to my girls was that I had suddenly realized we don’t do things. Part of that is budget—we just don’t have the extra money for vacations, movies and events. The other part? I kinda don’t enjoy it. It’s just not fun to deal with the hassle of getting three girls dressed and out the door only to hear them argue, whine and complain all the way there.

This year, we have made an effort to get past all that and experience life with our girls. Over the last several months, it has really hit me how much my girls had been missing. They’d never been to a museum that wasn’t specifically designed for kids to touch & play. They’d never been to the theater. They’d never even seen a live baseball game. My 40×40 list is full of other things I’d never done with my girls but feel like I should—cotton candy at the fair, a harvest moon festival, sporting events…

So, this year? I’m doing it all! It’s time to let go of the “I don’t wanna” and just have fun with my girls. It’s going surprisingly well. They look forward to our family fun day each month and (for the most part) behave well throughout. Yet, it still isn’t in the budget. That’s why I’m learning to take advantage of the resources available to us—free events, ticket giveaways and blogging opportunities.

We took the girls to the Indianapolis Museum of Art (people, it’s free every day!), and they loved it! This summer, we took the girls to an Indianapolis Indians game. Earlier this month, I took Brenia to see Beauty & the Beast on stage with Broadway Across America. It was so completely amazing. I’m planning to take Stacia to a show later in the Broadway season.

Next on our family fun calendar is open gym day—hello, zipline! It was a daily deal bargain, and I think the girls will love it. I need a few weeks to rest up before then, though. We’ve had a very busy October.

20111028-113535.jpgThere is just so much awesome Halloween fun in Indy that I couldn’t choose. We took a Vampire Vacation at the Children’s Museum, got spooked by the Headless Horseman at Conner Prairie and shared milkshakes at Kelsay Farms’ Dairy Festival.

And, of course, all this family fun meant I needed a new blog to share our experiences. I am so excited to launch a new project with my friend MichelleFamily Fun in the City! We’ll share our best picks for seasonal fun, showcase family favorites for everyday experiences and highlight the best of Indy for families in our area.

Tagalong on the awesome adventures of the Sokols & Kahunas—we’re going to have so much fun!

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