Pressing the Reset Button on Chores (A Review)

This year, we’re making an effort to change some habits around here. I planned a few weeks of fast, easy meals so the hubby and I could focus on helping the girls complete their daily chores.

We have a new evening schedule and an online chore chart that I am hoping finally works around here. Because the old system just wasn’t working.

Sending the girls off to “do their chores” usually just resulted in fighting kids, messier rooms, and frustrated parents. So, the hubby and I have reworked our daily schedule to spend some time making sure the girls are actually doing what they’re supposed to. Basically, we’re body blocking the girls back into their rooms until the job gets done.

We’re keeping it simple at first. Instead of making the girls clean their rooms, which are completely trashed, we’ve given them bite-sized assignments. Yesterday, I had them go through the entire upstairs, searching for trash, before they could play outside. Today’s job was to move all the toys from the bedroom, to the toy room where they belong. My hope is that by adding one activity each day, the girls will be building more lasting habits.

From there, we’ll be able to create a daily checklist. The girls can even choose their own background & colors, to personalize the chart. I may even make a chart or two of my own — in addition to chores, there are to-do list, lifestyle goals, and healthy habit options. Goal For It will even help you track your progress. Perhaps if the girls see me working on my own list, they’ll be more inclined to play along.

I hope.

I really do think the consistency of doing the same thing, every night with a little supervision & guidance from us is exactly what we need. Plus, Goal For It includes behaviors and habits we want the girls to develop, in addition to the chores. For example, we can add No Whining to the list and give the girls credit for a good, whine-free day.

Not to be confused with wine-free days, which are few & far between, what with all the whiny kids.

This post is sponsored by through BSM Media, but the opinion (and my girls utter lack of regard for chores) is 100% mine.

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