Lessons From my Grandfather

I won’t pretend that I knew him well; what I know of my Grandfather I know from stories. He did live into my adulthood, but we were never close, much to my regret. Recently my Mother relayed one of his teachings: “You always make time to visit the sick and bury the dead”. I always considered him to be a somber man. But, I wonder if he just forgot to to pass on a lesson of celebration.

I’m sure that he meant to tell us to celebrate the joy of life and the triumph of another year and the bond of friendship and love that keep us all going. Maybe with gardens to tend, children to raise and work to be done, he ran out of time to celebrate the beautiful moments that make life worth living. Or, maybe he celebrated quietly that he raised 7 children to healthy adulthood. Or, maybe he was too tired, by the time I was born to his 6th child, to celebrate any more.

What I do know, is that I will make time to welcome new babies into the world with my friends. And, I will celebrate finger painting with my children. I will celebrate a common ground with my brother.

From all of this celebrating, I hope to teach my daughter to value what is truly irreplaceable in this world. The lesson for her is to love mightily and fiercely. To cherish the beautiful moments of companionship, compassion and camaraderie that are shared between people. At the end of this day, at the end of this life, we will never regret the time spent with those we hold dear.

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