2 Kids + 5 Days = 10 Games

We have two kids playing softball right now, and it’s tournament time! Tonight, we have pitching practice with both girls, a team practice for one, and a game for the other.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

There is at least one game every night this week, except for Friday. We get Friday off, apparently. To rest up for Saturday when we have the potential for 5 games throughout the day. Five games. In one day.


It’s a double elimination tournament, and if Lorelai’s team ends up in the 2nd chance bracket after Wednesday’s game, the rest of the games are all played on Saturday. The goal here is to win every night this week and only have championship games on Saturday.

Of course, the alternative is to lose their first two games and be done, but I would never wish that on my kids. Honest.

As exhausting and chaotic as this week will be, I truly do love it. I love to watch my girls play. I love to see them be a part of the team. And, I want them to succeed. I want them to know what it’s like when hard work and team work come together.

I just wish we could spread out the lessons a bit…

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