The One Where My Car Got Towed (AKA Vacation Memories)

We just returned from a fabulous vacation in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This included plenty of relaxed family time at the ocean. And, on the ocean!

We sailed, we whale watched, we walked the breakwater, we ferried across the Boston Harbor. We saw lighthouses and wildlife. We dined on seafood and ice cream.

There wasn’t a moment of vacation that I didn’t truly love. And, that was weird for me.

Usually, there’s something sucky. Or something awful that happens. We’ve cleaned puke out of the car. We’ve lifted an unconscious child from the ground. We’ve returned to find our car missing. And, those are the things my girls remember.

Seriously, ask them about Myrtle Beach sometime. You’ll hear how Lorelai threw up on the DS case. You’ll hear how Stacia passed out at a gas station. You’ll hear about how Brenia threw up in the popcorn on the way home. And, that was all in one trip!

Spring Break 2011? That will forever be known as the year our car got towed. The girls barely remember everything that happened in between. They don’t have any memory of the amazing day we spent in downtown Indy before we had to walk to the courthouse to pay for our car. It’s the screw-ups they always remember most.

So, I’m left wondering what they’ll recall from our latest adventure.

No one got sick. No one got lost. Nothing got towed. Nothing got rained out. It was really pretty perfect. In fact, my cousin specifically asked me what didn’t go well. And, my mind went blank. But, I’m sure these girls will think of something!

Probably, we’ll hear nothing about the gorgeous whales diving in front of us and every detail of how badly Lorelai had to pee on the road trip.

I’m sure the girls won’t tell stories of the history we soaked in in Boston, Hammond Castle or Gloucester Maritime Center. Instead, you’ll hear about how the Maritime employee made Mommy squeal with a squirting clam.

But, I loved every minute of it — yes, even squealing like a girl. I didn’t even mind getting sprayed with whale blow. Yeah, that happened!

We were hosted at Cape Ann by Gloucester Tourism and several area businesses. All opinions and photos are 100% our own!

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