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3 Reasons I Hate Toys (And the New One That Won Me Over)

This post is sponsored by Pony Royale. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. Content & opinions expressed here are all my own.

I have a love-hate relationship with my children’s toys. No, that’s not quite accurate. I just plain hate them.

I would be content to stick with books, art supplies, and a select few video games (Just Dance, anyone?), but I get suckered in every time. They see something really awesome on television. Their friends talk about one at school. We accidentally walk near the toy section while shopping for school supplies.

And, it’s almost always instant regret. First, because they’re a cluttered, hot mess all over the house. You would think giving the girls a toy room would keep things contained, but not so much.

That’s mostly because they abandon their toys too quickly to be bothered to put it away. What sounded cool at Christmas is not worth picking up off the floor in January.

The toys also get ditched a lot because they’re too difficult to play without parental help. Do you know how hard it is to squeeze that tiny dress onto Barbie? I really can’t stand toys that frustrate the kids.

So, when I was offered the chance to share the new Pony Royale horses with my daughter and her friends, I hesitantly agreed. I figured, if nothing else, it would be good for an hour or two of fun with some of my friends and their girls.

As it turned out, it’s been worth hours of fun ever since!

I introduced the ponies at a home party I titled Pony Royale: Olympic Dreams. Because, hello! If I can find a way to tie in the Olympics, I’m totally going to. I was just dying for a reason to host an Olympic party. We had Olympic Ring balloons and themed food — gold medal cookies, Olympic torch popcorn-cones, Olympic ring fruit kabobs, and punch.

I even started our party with an Olympic ring craft — something simple to keep the kids entertained while we waited for all our guests to arrive. (All 17 of them!) I just didn’t want to pass out the ponies until everyone arrived, so they waited patiently on their medal stand until everyone arrived and we could watch the story of the princess ponies.

The 14 little girls were instantly in love and took no time choosing their favorite ponies. Some girls chose based on favorite colors, some on the adorable names, and others wanted the pony who shared their birth month.

Surprisingly, there were no fights at all as each girl got the toy she wanted — Lorelai even up with my favorite pony!

We gave them some free time to just play with and get to know their ponies. Then, I passed out the extras! Each pony comes with a second set of mane & tail and a hairbrush. Here’s where I hesitated again. I was sure it would be a pain and most of the pony hair would end up left behind on my floor after the party.

I’ve never been so glad to be wrong — the pony fashions are an odd combination of simple to change without being so easy to remove that they fall out all the time. The girls swapped hair, wore some hair extensions of their own to match, and swapped back for a long time. And, not a single girl left anything behind — they were very careful to take all their Pony Royale accessories home to play again on their own.

After our snack, I had a few Equestrian-themed games to play with the girls, but they were having none of it. They couldn’t wait to get back to their ponies. We watched the video again, checked out the Pony Royale Kingdom map that comes with each pony, and explored the website a bit. All while the girls played beautifully together.

With a crowd of girls that large and mixed (very few of them knew one another before the party!), I could never have imagined it would go so well. The girls absolutely loved the ponies, Lorelai has played with hers daily since then, and I’m guessing this will appear at the top of a lot of wishlists this year! I’ve already heard that one set of sisters pooled their money to buy more just last week.

And, when Lorelai asks Santa for the 9 she doesn’t have — I will totally write a letter myself and let him know they’re Mom-approved!

Visit the Pony Royale website for more information. The Pony Royale collection will be available at Toys R Us in late July and in select Target stores in August. Meanwhile, be sure to check out Pony Royale’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

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  1. nancy says:

    How is Lorelai playing with the ponies now?

    • justheather says:

      She still plays with them almost daily! It’s been weeks, and I don’t see this one going away any time soon. The really amazing thing is she also puts them away almost daily – because she wants to take good care of their tails.

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