5 Tips for an Awesome (and Easy!) Tween Sleepover

The princess turned 11.

While I am still reeling that my little girl is growing up, I had to suppress all of that to host a sleepover for her brithday. Generally I think this is the easiest party to throw anyway, so it all worked out. I learned a few things after this one that you may find useful the next time your house is full of 10 tween age girls.

  1. They need just a little direction to get things going. We had friends from school, friends from an old school, dance friends and girl scout friends. With people from that many groups, I was worried that they wouldn’t mix well or that someone would feel left out. I started the party with a round of party themed “Would you rather?” questions and it seemed to get them all talking and mingling among themselves.
  2. They will eat vegetables. The food was all themed, but really just creatively named for the party. I put out a fruit salad (in fancy ice cream cones), a vegetable tray and chex mix to go with their pizza. The first thing to go was the vegetable tray. I’m not kidding here; I have a witness. And the fruit was all eaten — the cones were found in the trash. The lesson? Skip the junk food; they were happy with healthy snacks.
  3. The party needed a little help around 9pm, and I didn’t have a game planned. Generally, kids take care of the entertainment themselves. With such a big group they needed direction. I got them to play “honey if you love me you’ll smile”, which led to “killer frog”. This lasted for 10 whole minutes until they were back on track giggling about Josh Hutcherson and Justin Beiber.
  4. Breakfast was so much easier since I made it the night before. I found a recipe for French Toast Casserole (made with Udi’s Gluten Free bread) and just had to toss it in the oven in the morning. After being up way too late making sure the party was under control, an easy morning was exactly what I needed.
  5. Themed parties are easier if your talented friends help out. I am not crafty and I don’t decorate cakes, but I have a friend who is great at party themes and my best friend does all my cakes. So, I enlisted their help, and it was perfect.

A sleepover remains the easiest ever party. The kids stay up late and giggle, but really after you feed them (and feed them and feed them), the hard part is over. They just want to laugh and tell stories and be together. When 10:30am rolled around and the house was back to quiet and empty, I was a little tired but glad that all those loud girls had a good time.

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  1. I’m a few years out (coming on our 9th birthday, omg), but these tips are awesome!

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