Great American Road Trip: The Plan

The Fairy Tale Family is planning a trip. I am, along with NBF, packing up the teen, the tween and the littlest (8) and heading off for the Wild Wild West. We will leave our fair city of Indianapolis on a Thursday night and visit Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, Alcatraz, the Grand Canyon and the arch at St Louis to finish things off.

If you hadn’t noticed, that is a LOT of stamps in my National Parks Passport (giddy beyond belief for this part). But, you cant take kids out for an 11 day, cross country trip without doing massive amounts of preparation.

Now, we are about 5 months away from travel and I’m getting serious about the planning. I’m starting with the car. We need entertainment, safety gear (I’m a safety girl) and some non-essential, but really important items to make this easier on me during our 81 hours in the car. (That’s a round trip figure, still, YIKES!)

Safety First: I always have a first aid kit in the car. But a trip this long, and with this much hiking, may require some extras. I’m adding general daily medications for me and NBF, benedryl to stop any allergic reactions, the inhaler for the littlest, sunscreen, a pain reliever, cool packs and a few ankle wraps. Let’s hope I need none of this, but with hiking and all outdoor activities, I want to be prepared.

Entertainment: Everybody has a handheld gaming system, I bought new earphones, batteries, a new game and extra car charger for all. This way they have it handy in their own backpack at their feet.

The non-essentials, but really important to have: I bought tissues for everyone to keep in their backpack. I have hand sanitizer gel and sanitizing wipes. I have bottled water (like the zombie apocalypse is tomorrow) and granola bars at the ready. I’ve subscribed to a new magazine for each of the girls and I have comics for littlest. I have an arsenal of movies at the ready and I’m prepared to stop at redbox every day.

Now, that I have the kids figuratively settled in the car, I can map our route and make some hotel reservations.

Watch here every week for a new update on our progress. I can’t wait to show the kids the sites in the west. I hope you follow along with us. Let me know if you have great ideas for me. All those hours in the car may just finally drive me completely insane.

Photo Credit: Flickr user photopaige

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