Great American Road Trip, but backwards

You know that moment when you throw a pen across the room in frustration and it may or may not hit someone? Yea, me neither… Anyway a moment of great frustration overwhelmed me and I nearly cancelled The Great American Road Trip. I couldn’t get the dates and hotels to work out. I couldn’t get the time I needed to see the sights we wanted. I had given up.

Thankfully, NBF had not reached the same level of frustration and he was not injured by the afore mentioned ink pen throwing incident. He asked, “what if we do the whole thing the other way?” And, suddenly the clouds parted and made it possible for me to find the route needed to tackle the trip — in reverse.

So, the new itinerary:

Thursday: go to BlogHer for a day (I wanna, so I am)
Friday: leave at an ungodly hour and drive to Albuquerque (20 hours – YIKES)
Saturday: After a few hours seeing the sights we leave for The Grand Canyon (5 hours)
Sunday: Look at the Grand Canyon and drive to VEGAS BABY (it should be noted that this is totally on my 40×40 list)
Monday: look at the Hoover Dam and Drive to Los Angeles
Tuesday: We leave L.A. for my favorite city every SAN FRANCISCO
Wednesday: I’m totally playing tourist all day and staying put
Thursday: Long haul to somewhere near Yellowstone (I’m all about National Parks Passport Stamps. And, I’ve gotten others hooked too)
Friday: Old Faithful then in the late afternoon we head out on the road to South Dakota
Saturday: Mount Rushmore (More passport stamps)
Sunday: we drive and drive and drive toward home

It still looks crazy seeing it in print. And, yes I know I’m not staying in one place long enough to really see it all, but I’m going to have great stories to tell. The kids will tell stories into their adulthood about that time we drove them cross country. I’m going to try to not allow them to drive me crazy in the process.

If you have travel tips or want to wave hello to us in any of those cities, let me know. I’ll be the exhausted one with the 3 kids.

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