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How to entertain kids in the carI had this beautiful vision in my head of our road trip. We could all listen to audio books and sing road trip songs and engage in family games… Then I woke up and realized that this group of kids doesn’t get along in the car for the 20 minutes it takes us to get to church. There is no way I can expect family bonding over 81 hours in the car.

So, I caved. We made one phone on the cell plan a Wifi Hot Spot, and I made sure all of the kids have electronic devices that connect to the internet. I didn’t buy new anything for anyone, but for relatively little investment, they all have a screen of their own to stare at mindlessly.

So, when one of them says “I’m bored” I can quickly replay “You have all of the information in the known universe at your fingertips! Be Quiet I’m DRIVING.” Maybe that will buy me 20 minutes until the next one asks the same question.

In the event that it doesn’t, I’m going prepared. We have movies and DVD players, I have coloring pages and colored pencils (crayons melt in the car — not that I know from experience), Find It games, Where’s Waldo (I still haven’t found him) and shut up sticks (you may call them lollipops or suckers, but it’s hard to fight with anyone with your mouth full).

I also updated a subscription to an audio book service for my tween. She reads so much that I needed access to many books at once that she could “read” in the dark. The others aren’t readers, so for them I download movies to the newly acquired iPods.

Now, I just need a playlist for NBF that I can tolerate. I’m taking suggestions. He’s in to 80’s music and hairbands. I’m not so much…

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