Deal Alert with a Road Trip Preview

Before I left for the Great American Road Trip, I had about 6 hours to spend in Chicago at BlogHer 2013. Now, some people may advise against traveling 6 hours to spend 6 hours at parties the night before a very early departure for a lengthy road trip, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet and reconnect with some great people.

With very limited time and no official BlogHer events on the agenda for Thursday night, I was happy to attend two amazing parties. While I will recap the entire experience this weekend, I did want to highlight one of my favorite finds. The folks at Disney Publishing were warm and friendly and engaging as they explained some of their newest projects. (I was lucky to meet them at the Sweet Suite event.)

It is no secret to those who know me that I love Disney. I love the magic and the parks and the movies and the books and the foods and the products and the pins. I am a long time Disney fanatic. I have raised another giant fan in my daughter. Together we have seen all of the movies (many, many times over) and read most books.

When she was learning to read, I introduced her to Disney read-alongs and told Disney stories. As a tween, she plays Epic Mickey and collects pins. My stepson also has gotten in on the action with Disney pins and shows. There is no denying a love for all things Mickey here. (I’ll tell you all about our plans to visit the World next year later.)

One new way Disney is interacting with my kids is through apps. We play several Disney games on iPods and iPones, including my personal addiction to “Where’s My Mickey”. This Saturday, August 10th, Disney is making their newest app, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play, available at a huge 80% discount.

Great American Road Trip was successful in part because the kids all had apps and games to occupy their attention during all 6,014 miles. I know that my youngest 2 Mickey fans would have loved to color with their favorite Pal.

I’m not being compensated for the promotion of this sale; I just love Disney that much. The app would have been a great tool on The Great American Road Trip or for any kids that like to color.

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