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When I watched the first Let’s Talk Bums video, something Cherry Healey said really struck me. We use delicate, carefully selected wipes on our baby’s bottom but only harsh, dry toilet paper on our own.

And it isn’t just our behinds — somewhere along the way, we take a backseat to our kids. We miss out on sleep to make sure the uniforms are clean before tomorrow’s game. We prepare amazing meals from the children, then finish their crust and call it lunch.

You guys, we’re doing it wrong!

There’s a reason the airlines tell you to secure your own mask before taking care of children. We have to take care of ourselves if we want to be any good for the children at all. Because if momma ain’t happy…

That’s why I take a bubble bath or enjoy a glass of wine with my husband at night. This mom clocks out at 9pm. We start bedtime at 7:30, and the kids trickle into bed at 8, 8:30, and 9. Well, except for the teen. She pretty much does whatever she wants all day long.

By 9pm, we’re done. We don’t answer “just one more question.” We don’t allow “one more drink of water.” We don’t respond with anything other than “back to bed!” The time for children is over, and I relish the last few hours of each day to be a grownup.

If you could call it that.

This post is brought to you by the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths. As a Let’s Talk Bums paid ambassador, I’ll be bringing my potty mouth out of the bathroom to bring awareness to this very serious issue. #LetsTalkBums

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