A Pitch Perfect Summer Night for Teens

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We’ve had no less than 3 or 4 teens around almost every night this summer. I like being the destination house because it keeps me involved in their lives and lets me know where they are pretty much all the time. Typically, they’re piled on the couch, phones in hand, watching movies or playing video games.

So, when I saw the new Perfect Pop app, I wanted to get it in their hands. Technology, movie night, and snacks? It was practically made for teens. We stepped it up a notch for a fun summer night this weekend by taking it all outdoors.

I hooked up the projector, aimed the teens’ favorite movie at my new (thrift store) screen, and provided plenty of snacks.

We had marshmallows on the campfire, chips, soda, and perfectly popped popcorn. It was the first to go, of course. They were here for hours, and they didn’t even mind us hanging around.

Normally, we step back and just peek in now and then, but with the campfire and outdoor setting, we were keeping a closer eye on the event. They barely noticed we were there, which gives us a good feel for the group dynamic and allows us to get to know the kids better.

It’s a fun, eclectic group of misfit teens, and I’m so glad they’ve found one another. I’m glad we can provide a safe space as they figure out who they are. I’m glad we are available to be a positive influence for kids who don’t always have it.

But, mostly, I’m glad I have the privilege of getting to know these “kids” and help guide them to adulthood, even if it’s only part time.

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret. I have received monetary compensation for the event and post, but all opinions are 100% real and honest.

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