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About CreativeDecoMom

I love to decorate. I love to get a good bargain and love making things. I have to be different. I don't like to be put in a box or categorized in any way. This is probably why I am the PTA and HOA president with the purple hair. I am the mother of two beautiful girls who keep me more than a little busy.
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On Feeling Good About You

I am amazed at how much better I handle everything when I have a regular workout routine. I am a much nicer person. I am much calmer. I am a better wife, mother and friend. I have had a great journey this year figuring this out. Six months ago, I was at my heaviest point […]

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Frugal Fun to End the Summer

As summer is winding down, you may have run out of things to keep your child or children occupied. Many different activities can really hurt the pocket book. There are, however, many fun, free (or really cheap) things to do. Check your local library. You probably know they have story time, but many also have […]

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The One Where My Oldest Does My Job

I sometimes feel bad for my oldest daughter. I find myself putting things on her that are my job. She is the typical oldest child; very mature and responsible. She is very caring and loves to help people. I find myself taking advantage of it sometimes. She is very organized and neat and likes things […]

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Are we supposed to believe your child is perfect?

With me, what you see is what you get. I don’t like pretenses. I am who I am, like it or not. I don’t feel the need to impress other people with the things that I have. Sure, I like nice things; who doesn’t? But, I prefer the understated, like a Coach bag that is […]

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The One Where I Play Short Order Cook

Image via Wikipedia I hate cooking, except for larger groups of people. For parties, I always cook rather than cater, because I like to do it. I hate cooking for just my family though. None of the four of us can ever like just one thing, so I end up having to make four different […]

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Thinkin Thursday: On Gratitude

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about appreciation. I think we have forgotten manners with my generation. Growing up, I was always forced to write thank you notes for gifts I got. While it was tedious at the time, I now really appreciate it and do the same for my children. I think we expect […]

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