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About FairyTaleMom

My name is Mom. I live in Fairy Tale Land with a Pirate, a Fairy and the Princess. My job duties include: head cook, Chief Executive of Laundry Operations, Vacuum Maintenance Engineer, Chief of Picking up Random objects and Primary Sherpa. I spend a great deal of time carrying sparkly, sequined, glitter covered tutus and miscellaneous dance shoes for the Princess. I long for moments of quiet and a mani/pedi. Trying to strike a balance between being a grown up and being a good mom.
Website: http://fairytalemom.com
FairyTaleMom has written 52 articles so far, you can find them below.

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Let’s Call This “Things I Should Have Bought Sooner” (Plus Distance Doodler Giveaway)

At Christmas I saw this commercial, and I was debating buying yet another toy for the kids. For some reason, I stopped myself. Probably because it was one of those “call now and be one of the first 500 callers” things. Except, it isn’t like that at all. The commercial I saw was for the Glow Crazy Doodle Dome. […]

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5 Tips for an Awesome (and Easy!) Tween Sleepover

The princess turned 11. While I am still reeling that my little girl is growing up, I had to suppress all of that to host a sleepover for her brithday. Generally I think this is the easiest party to throw anyway, so it all worked out. I learned a few things after this one that […]

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Christmas Memories, Mine not Hers

Christmas is my very favorite time of year. I love the bustle and the decorations and the cheer, but mostly, I love the magic of it all. I can’t get enough of making special memories with the princess. We have moved and merged and changed traditions a few times over the last few years. We […]

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It’s all over, until it starts again.

School is out. The plans for summer vacation are (mostly) made. I’m all done with waking up a cranky kid to get her ready for school. Summer is my favorite season. I love the heat and the sunshine. And, I really, really love that we are officially done with dance season….For 2 whole weeks. The […]

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My Guilt is Your Guilt (In other words, I will not go on the field trip)

Mom guilt plagues us all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom, a work at home mom or a working mom, we all feel it. At some point, we have all carried the heavy yolk of guilt accross our shoulders about something we missed, didn’t share, didn’t buy, or any myriad of […]

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Lessons From my Grandfather

I won’t pretend that I knew him well; what I know of my Grandfather I know from stories. He did live into my adulthood, but we were never close, much to my regret. Recently my Mother relayed one of his teachings: “You always make time to visit the sick and bury the dead”. I always […]

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