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Did she really just tell me to be a good mom?

The morning was going great. The kids were fed a good breakfast, their teeth were brushed and they all had on clean clothes before we headed out to run some errands. They held hands as we walked across the parking lot and into the store. I was giving myself an invisible high five for doing […]

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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where I Made My Son Scream Like A Little Girl

We were having a great time at the park. The kiddos and I had picked up Daddy on his lunch break and headed to a nearby park for a picnic & some playtime. The swings were flying up to the clouds, the slides were sending children swooshing down their steep ramps, and the monkey bars […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Every Moment

My oldest is 6. That may seem young, but if you think about it he is one third done with his official childhood and half-way to being a teenager. And as the cliche goes, time has flown. I’m so glad that one of my big parenting goals from day one has been to make great […]

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Why Did I Do This To Myself?

I’m a homeschool mom. You know what that means right? No, it doesn’t mean I wear denim jumpers. But it does mean that I am with my kids all the time. All. Day. Every. Day. For all the wonderful reasons I love homeschooling, there are still a few downsides. And, the number one has to […]

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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where I Was Scared of the Boogie Man

Our house is on the market and has been for a long time. Showings are nothing new to my brood. They have their designated jobs like making beds, straightening up their closets and taking laundry to the basement. Heck, they’ve even mastered the art of hiding dirty laundry in the dryer and dirty dishes in […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Simplicity

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of my family’s stuff. The clothes, the toys, the books, the shoes, the appliances, the towels. It all seems like so much. Of course this could stem from the fact that there are six of us and a huge dog living in an itty-bitty tiny two bedroom. […]

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