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Deep Thoughts

And Tween Boy Makes Six

You guys, I have a son. Almost. He’s 11 years old, totally adorable, and has completely captured our hearts with his freckles, infectious giggle, and love of all things boy. Legos? Check. Comic books? Check. Pokemon? I don’t even know what that is. But, I’m about to. We have had weekend visits with him since […]

Deep Thoughts

Great American Road Trip: The Itinerary

After the concept, it was time to start real planning. We looked at the map. We debated and debated and thought about eliminating some stops. But, after it was all over (hours and hours later) we were sold on this ridiculously long journey. We have exactly 11 days to cover 4 time zones, 13 states, […]

Deep Thoughts

Maybe Just One More

Over the last few months, we’ve decided our family isn’t quite … complete. Yet, I stand by my decision several years ago — I am all done having babies. When I picture growing our family, I don’t see a baby. Or even a toddler. I see a little boy, fitting in just under the youngest. […]

Deep Thoughts

Christmas Memories, Mine not Hers

Christmas is my very favorite time of year. I love the bustle and the decorations and the cheer, but mostly, I love the magic of it all. I can’t get enough of making special memories with the princess. We have moved and merged and changed traditions a few times over the last few years. We […]

Deep Thoughts

Motherhood, Step One: Make Mom Friends

I became a mother at age 20, long before any of friends were even thinking about settling down. They were fantastic — moving our regular Must See TV night to our house, with the baby in the bouncer, inviting me out for girls’ night, and keeping me in the loop so I would still feel […]

Deep Thoughts

My Guilt is Your Guilt (In other words, I will not go on the field trip)

Mom guilt plagues us all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom, a work at home mom or a working mom, we all feel it. At some point, we have all carried the heavy yolk of guilt accross our shoulders about something we missed, didn’t share, didn’t buy, or any myriad of […]

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