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Weekly Rants

2 Kids + 5 Days = 10 Games

We have two kids playing softball right now, and it’s tournament time! Tonight, we have pitching practice with both girls, a team practice for one, and a game for the other. Lather, rinse, repeat. There is at least one game every night this week, except for Friday. We get Friday off, apparently. To rest up […]

Weekly Rants

Why do they all need a trophy?

Remember when you had to try out for the team or audition for the school musical—then, wait to see if you actually made it? Now, you just signup. Everyone makes the team. Everyone gets to sing in the choir. And, everyone wins a trophy. Once upon a time, I practiced so hard to make the […]

Weekly Rants

Why should I feel guilty?

For so many years, I was just Mom. I got up, fed the kid, washed clothes, played Barbies, cooked dinner, cleaned up toys, ran errands, played games and collapsed in exhaustion at the end of each night. A shell of a mom, not fit for human interaction. By the time my 2nd child came a […]

Weekly Rants

Why is This One Always Sick?

In Fairytale Land, there is always a Princess. She is with me 100% of the time. There are also 3 other children in Fairytale Land, The Heir Apparent (15), Her Royal Highness (13) and the Little Man (5). There exists an arrangement amongst the population of Fairytale Land whereby the 3 aforementioned children visit every […]

Weekly Rants

How Young Is Too Young for Video Games?

My 5-year-old has a DS. There—I said it. And, no, today is not Friday. Because, this is not a Mom Fail. I have witnessed many “discussions” about the appropriate age for a video game system—both online and off. The bottom line is, what is an isn’t appropriate for a child depends on the child and—wait […]

Weekly Rants

Why am I constantly trying to do it all?

Admittedly, I created a problem for myself.  I tend to over commit to everything.  I so badly want to be involved in all of the activities the princess wants to do.  I want to be there for Girl Scouts and dance, and I would love to be the room mom at school. But, the reality […]

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