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There’s something in adoption referred to as artificial twinning, when you adopt a child who falls within a 1-year age range from a child already in the home. It has both positives and negatives, and I researched it all. In the end, we decided not to do it because we felt our youngest’s strong personality […]

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The Same But Different

I’ve been trying all week to come up with the words to start blogging about last week’s vacation. We were invited back to Cape Ann — this time to stay in the incredibly lovely and photogenic Rockport, Massachusetts. It was in the same area, but a different vacation, and I couldn’t wait to take the […]

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Preparing for Brother

Now that we are through the holidays and into the new year, we’re shifting gears into a new phase of our lives. Paperwork has been officially submitted, and we begin our adoption classes this weekend. After that, it’s home study time. We haven’t really made any changes around here to get ready just yet, but […]

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