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Toys that Suck

At work recently we were talking about kids birthday parties. My coworker was telling a story about a gift brought to her daughter at the last party she threw. Disgustedly, she said ” A pottery wheel! What am I supposed to do with that?” My response? ” What did you do to make that Mom […]

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The Present Poem: Controlling Gift Spending

We have three girls, with birthdays in November, December & January—that’s a lot of presents amidst the holiday chaos! The budget can get out of control. Not to mention the toy room chaos. Several years ago, I stumbled on a Victorian adage that sounded like the perfect solution. For birthday & Christmas, each girl now […]

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On The Day You Were Born (Plus The Daily Portrait Giveaway)

I’m not the type of person to remember dates & specifics. I don’t count down to my birthday. I don’t make a big deal of our anniversary. And, I barely remember the day each of my girls were born. I can tell you about every moment from waking that morning to holding my new baby […]

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