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Preschool Gift Ideas: Holiday Dance Party Music (Plus KidzBop Giveaway)

You know how the hustle and bustle of Christmas make you 1,000,000 times more likely to snap at kids who are 1,000,000 times more likely to be hyped up on sugar? No? Well, I do. I try to keep my cool with the many extra tasks to be done around the holidays, but I’m not […]

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It’s all over, until it starts again.

School is out. The plans for summer vacation are (mostly) made. I’m all done with waking up a cranky kid to get her ready for school. Summer is my favorite season. I love the heat and the sunshine. And, I really, really love that we are officially done with dance season….For 2 whole weeks. The […]

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Why am I constantly trying to do it all?

Admittedly, I created a problem for myself.  I tend to over commit to everything.  I so badly want to be involved in all of the activities the princess wants to do.  I want to be there for Girl Scouts and dance, and I would love to be the room mom at school. But, the reality […]

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A Dancer’s Tool Kit

Organized is something that I desire to be one day. I’ve never been able to successfully maintain a system for keeping things in their place. I see those people who are organized and get green with envy every time. But, I have developed ONE system that works well in my life. As I mentioned before, […]

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How Did I Become a Pack Mule?

I spend many spring weekends schlepping dance costumes, shoes, hair accessories, tights, makeup, snacks & reading material to different stages throughout the area. My daughter is a dancer. And, being a dancer requires a lot of equipment—especially when we are traveling for competitions. I don’t think that I am any different than any other parent […]

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