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And Tween Boy Makes Six

You guys, I have a son. Almost. He’s 11 years old, totally adorable, and has completely captured our hearts with his freckles, infectious giggle, and love of all things boy. Legos? Check. Comic books? Check. Pokemon? I don’t even know what that is. But, I’m about to. We have had weekend visits with him since […]

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Yeah, You Can: Foster and Respite Care

When we first started the process of getting a foster license on our adoption journey, I heard two things with almost equal frequency. “I could never do that.” and “I’ve always wanted to do that.” More than 400,000 kids are in the U.S. foster care system — some live with extended family, some hope to […]

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Maybe Just One More

Over the last few months, we’ve decided our family isn’t quite … complete. Yet, I stand by my decision several years ago — I am all done having babies. When I picture growing our family, I don’t see a baby. Or even a toddler. I see a little boy, fitting in just under the youngest. […]

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