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On Self-Esteem & Body After Baby (Plus Yummie Tummie Giveaway)

When I was younger, I cursed my too-skinny body. I was teased for my “chicken legs” and wanted nothing more than curves. Then I finally got them, and Sir Mixalot had to go & ruin that for me, too. Thank goodness for the grunge phase—it was easy to hide my 36x24x36 in baggy, flannel shirts. […]

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Digital Detox: AKA Quality Time (Plus Mastermind Games Giveaway)

I am guilty of many, many mom fails. I do almost everything wrong at least once or twice when it comes to parenting. By far, my most egregious error is relying on technology to entertain the princess. It all started innocently enough. As a single mom, I needed something to occupy her time while I […]

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Who Eats Lunch That Early? (Plus Totino’s Giveaway)

During the summer, my girls would snack all day, if I’d let them. And, if I don’t? They eat breakfast, lunch & dinner without (much) whining in between. Now that we are back to school, though, you’d think they were suddenly undernourished. They beg for snack from the minute we walk in the door until […]

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The Clothing Sort Fashion Show (Plus ThredUP Clothing Swap Premium Membership Giveaway)

As the weather changes each season, the girls and I play fashion show to clean out our closets & sort stored clothing. We’ll start with my oldest—Stacia tries on anything she would still wear this season (her tastes change with no warning, but that’s a rant for another day!). If it fits, her job is […]

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On Tween Grooming (Plus Schick Intuition Giveaway)

I vividly remember what it was like to be a tween—AWFUL. I hated the out of control hormones, crying I couldn’t explain and fighting with my parents for no reason at all (except for their unreasonable desire for me to be safe and behave like a lady). I also remember wanting so badly to fit […]

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Why won’t you brush your teeth? (plus Crest Pro-Health For Me giveaway)

I have the same fight every day (EVERY DAY) with the princess. I struggle to wake her up for school, we move on to a discussion on healthy breakfast and then we proceed to appropriate school clothes. These are the least of our struggles in the morning, our big fight is always about personal hygiene. […]

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