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The One Where We Don’t Trick or Treat

Here’s a little known fact about me: I hate trick or treating. I’m not morally opposed. I’m not concerned about health risks (well, aside from the bucket full of gluten-filled candy my girls can’t eat). I’m just not the least bit interested in trekking up & down the street in the cold to collect candy […]

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What happened to piñatas and tea parties?

Among my girls’ friends, we’re kind of known for awesome birthday parties. I have always gone out of my way to make their day special, and find unique ways to celebrate with their friends. It started with just one child, and the parties were pretty typical. We’d have a bowling party with the whole extended […]

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The Great Pumpkin: Halloween Candy Moderation (Plus Hershey’s Giveaway)

Halloween is just a few days away, but we’re already swimming in candy. The girls each have a bag of treats from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, I have a grocery bag full of candy for a news segment tomorrow (to be used for our own Trick or Treaters this weekend), and, of course, […]

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The One Where She Was Terrified…And I Liked It

Lorelai is a unique kid. When I tell people about her, they think she sounds like any normal 4-year-old girl. Then they meet her. And ask why I’m not just exhausted all the time. (For the record, I totally am.) She’s more like a supercharged, high speed 4-year-old boy. She is exuberant. She is in […]

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The One Where I – Gasp – Buy Halloween Costumes

Growing up, my mother made all our Halloween costumes. I was a camera while my brother went as a roll of film and my sister was a photograph—a creative set of costumes my mother made from a cardboard box, among other things. I was a witch (a costume my girls still wear)—3 times! And, I […]

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