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Why is This One Always Sick?

In Fairytale Land, there is always a Princess. She is with me 100% of the time. There are also 3 other children in Fairytale Land, The Heir Apparent (15), Her Royal Highness (13) and the Little Man (5). There exists an arrangement amongst the population of Fairytale Land whereby the 3 aforementioned children visit every […]

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Getting Kids to Choose Water

Image via Wikipedia It is so hot outside, and it’s important for kids to stay hydrated. Of course, they’d much rather grab a Capri Sun or juice box than a glass of water. You may have to come up with a few tricks to get kids to make the right choice. Juice provides unnecessary sugar […]

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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where Health Was Underrated

How have I failed my children? This is a tough one for me. I am very much a perfectionist and don’t like to admit my failings. Overall, I don’t think there are too many, I don’t allow them for myself. I am always very on top of things and rarely forget anything with regards to […]

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