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Getting Ready for Christmas (and a Birthday) With Ubisoft Games

The holiday season generally means mass chaos around Fairy Tale Land. We never have enough time to complete that incredibly daunting to do list and the list grows longer every year. Last year I didn’t even have time to bake cookies. It was a crazy year, but this year I have a plan. First, I’m […]

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The One Where She Wore a Dress I Made

I am not crafty. I do not save bits of ribbon because I can think of something really cool to make with them later. I do not have the tools needed to scrapbook. I am not ashamed of these things, although I am a tiny bit envious of those who do possess this ability. I […]

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Thinking Thursday: On Promises

I’ve been giving thought lately to keeping my word. I generally can be counted on to keep a promise and honor my commitments. That is—when it matters—I can be counted on to be there. When I think it matters or when I know it matters to someone that I care about, I am relentless about […]

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What Language Am I Speaking?

Image by djfoobarmatt via Flickr Admittedly, I am a yeller. I prefer to use my Mary Poppins, soothing as a lullaby, calming voice when I speak to children. But, the princess cannot hear me when I speak in that tone. No matter how many times I repeat myself, she simply is unable to respond, until […]

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