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The One Where She Slept in the Closet

Alternate Title: The One Where I Lost A Kid Our evening ritual is controlled chaos. Dinner finishes too late. Baths & showers are sometimes squeezed in before brushing teeth, getting pajamas and tucking the girls into bed. Typically, one of usI will finish work or clean up dinner while the other supervises the bedtime process. […]

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The One Where I Play Helicopter Mom

Our family has been gluten free for 4 years—you’ll notice that is the age of my youngest daughter. She was diagnosed with celiac disease as a baby—a very sick, very tiny baby. At 9 months old, Lorelai weighed in at 14 pounds. That tends to make a momma coddle a child, just a bit. It’s […]

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The One Where I Send My Kids Away

Next week, I am sending my youngest to preschool. This will be my first child to attend preschool. I always figured if I was making the decision to stay at home with my children, I should go all out. In fact, we were originally going to homeschool, but I failed at that too. The Montessori […]

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The One Where I Explain What Marriage Is

So, this is a tough one.  I didn’t even know I should be trying to teach her about marriage.  It doesn’t ever cross my mind. I assumed that she saw other families with a mommy and a daddy in the same place and understood that it was the societal norm.  Her father is engaged to […]

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The One Where My Oldest Does My Job

I sometimes feel bad for my oldest daughter. I find myself putting things on her that are my job. She is the typical oldest child; very mature and responsible. She is very caring and loves to help people. I find myself taking advantage of it sometimes. She is very organized and neat and likes things […]

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The One Where I Play Short Order Cook

Image via Wikipedia I hate cooking, except for larger groups of people. For parties, I always cook rather than cater, because I like to do it. I hate cooking for just my family though. None of the four of us can ever like just one thing, so I end up having to make four different […]

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