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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where My Child Was Almost Hit By a Car

Wow—what a week! If you follow me on Twitter, you already know about the car accident I was involved in on Wednesday. Everyone is fine. It’s just my car that’s banged up. What you don’t know (because I haven’t had the guts to share it yet) is about the near accident earlier that day. The […]

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The One Where She Wore a Dress I Made

I am not crafty. I do not save bits of ribbon because I can think of something really cool to make with them later. I do not have the tools needed to scrapbook. I am not ashamed of these things, although I am a tiny bit envious of those who do possess this ability. I […]

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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where I Plop the Kids in Front of the Tube

Image by Johan Koolwaaij via Flickr I’m not feeling good about the amount of television that my two kids are watching lately. I work from home part-time as a marketing and communications consultant, and squeezing in those 20 hours sometimes puts me in a position where I am choosing to put my kids in front […]

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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where My Kids Don’t Sleep

You know how they have those charts that tell you how much sleep a child needs? My kids have always been WAY below that. My youngest is especially bad. Most of the time, I am super strict with bed times though for certain things like movie night, I am flexible. They don’t go to sleep […]

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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where I Made My Son Scream Like A Little Girl

We were having a great time at the park. The kiddos and I had picked up Daddy on his lunch break and headed to a nearby park for a picnic & some playtime. The swings were flying up to the clouds, the slides were sending children swooshing down their steep ramps, and the monkey bars […]

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Mom Fail Friday: The One Where I Yell A Lot

I find that I am really struggling with what I have recently heard termed “Mommy Deafness.” You know what I am referring to? If a friend or neighbor asks your 3 or 4-year old to pick up a toy, or stop pedaling their bike vigorously toward the street they oblige quickly, willingly, sometimes even with […]

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