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We’re Number One (Sponsored Post)

When I watched the first Let’s Talk Bums video, something Cherry Healey said really struck me. We use delicate, carefully selected wipes on our baby’s bottom but only harsh, dry toilet paper on our own. And it isn’t just our behinds — somewhere along the way, we take a backseat to our kids. We miss […]

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Motherhood, Step One: Make Mom Friends

I became a mother at age 20, long before any of friends were even thinking about settling down. They were fantastic — moving our regular Must See TV night to our house, with the baby in the bouncer, inviting me out for girls’ night, and keeping me in the loop so I would still feel […]

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Thinking Thursday: On a Mother’s Beauty

I’m not sure how it happened, but I am feeling better about my health, my looks, and myself than I ever have. Sometimes I wonder if my children have somehow imparted the gift of self-confidence, self-worth and self-love that I have now come to recognize. I wonder why it is that when for so many […]

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